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Walk 16: The North Mymms to South Mimms Ridge

From Brookmans Park

6 miles (9.6 km)

picture taken on The North Mymms to South Mimms Ridge

This is a really good hill walk that you can do starting and finishing in Brookmans Park village. At one point it follows an old coaching road from South Mimms to North Mymms. Think of the journey described in Bleak House by Charles Dickens.

Downloadable Map

maps of Walk 16: The North Mymms to South Mimms Ridge Geocoding by Mapzen, © Thunderforest © OpenStreetMap contributors

Printing the map
Click on the map above to reveal a bigger version which you can print off and take with you on the walk. The numbers refer to certain bullet points in the directions below. We recommend buying either the Ordnance Survey Explore 182 map or the Landranger 166 map to use along with our directions.

The map for this walk was created using MapHub with the base maps by © Thunderforest and © OpenStreetMap. The text and images for these walks are by The Brookmans Park Newsletter and are released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0.


  1. Leave Brookmans Park and head west along Station Road crossing the railway bridge and heading north past the Potterells Medical Centre and on towards the Catholic church. Just before the church, and immediately after crossing a small stream, take the footpath on the left and head west along the edge of the field.
  2. Keep following the path with the hedge on your left until you emerge on Swanland Road. Turn left and walk a short distance until you come to the garage on your left.
  3. At this point cross the road (with care) and head for the footpath sign on the other side of Swanland Road that points to a bridge over the A1(M).
  4. After crossing the bridge the path it makes its way down to the lane. Here you head south alongside the west side of the A1(M) until you reach a paved track heading west.
  5. Turn right and follow this bridleway south-west. At the point when the bridleway turns left continue straight on along a footpath which can be overgrown with nettles in the summer.
  6. This path leads up to Cangley Grove. Look out for a gate on the left leading south-west across an open field. Take this path across the first field, cross a small wooden footbridge and continue south-west across the next field, eventually emerging on a bridleway.
  7. Turn left on this bridleway and continue along the ridge between North Mymms and South Mimms eventually dropping down to Woodhill Farm.
  8. At this point turn sharp left, almost turning back on yourself and head north-west through Mymmshall Wood and Hawkshead Wood eventually reaching a footbridge over the A1(M).
  9. Cross the motorway and follow the path round until you reach Swanland Road. Cross Swanland Road and go down the lane leading down to a small road bridge over Mimmshall Brook.
  10. When you reach this bridge don't go over it, but, instead turn left and continue along Warrengate Road with the houses on your left and Mimmshall Brook on your right.
  11. After passing the waterworks on your right, look out for a footpath sign on your right marked Station Road. Here you cross the brook on a footbridge (look out for kingfishers). This path becomes a boardwalk for a short stretch and then continues as a footpath called Wise's Lane. Ignore the first path off to your right and continue on passing Brick Kiln Wood on your left. At the end of this path you will come to a kissing gate. Turn right, cross a footbridge on then turn left.
  12. Follow this path alongside the edge of the field until you reach a gate. After going through the gate turn left, cross another footbridge, veer left and then right and follow the track as until it reaches Station Road.
  13. Turn right, cross Station Road and head back to Brookmans Park.

Smartphone Map

You can use the map below if you have a smartphone. Click on the walk title on the map below, then click on the "send to phone" option.

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About these walks

Ellie and David BrewerNote: All these walks are based around local pubs and were tested, mapped out and uploaded to this website by David and Ellie Brewer, pictured right.

The first in the collection are about three to four miles long and fairly easy. Allow two hours for most.

The later additions, from walk 16 onwards are longer. The North Mymms Way, which is walk 22 is a half day walk of about 12 miles which will take about four hours.

All the walks are fairly easy if you are able to cross step stiles, negotiate bachelor gates, traverse the occasional muddy path, and manage small hills. Boots and wet weather gear, a bottle of water, a snack, and the correct map for the area are recommended.

We recommend you buy the Ordnance Survey Landranger map for the area, number 166.

The walks are all within a 15 minute drive of Brookmans Park and include some villages to the east such as Bayford and Brickendon.

The Brookmans Park Newsletter can take no responsibility for paths that have been fenced off or closed since this series of walks was published. Some signs, stiles, and gates might also have been damaged or hidden since these walks were published.

Feedback is always welcome. If you have any comments you can add them in the comments box under each walk. There is also a discussion thread in this site's forum. As with all these walks, please do check the pub opening hours before setting off to make sure you are not left disappointed. You might want to read the Ramblers advice on your right to walk before setting off so you know what to do if you meet unexpected obstacles.


The text and images for all our walks are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, which means you are free to reproduce the material for non-commercial purposes only (i.e. you don't sell them or make money from them) as long as you give full attribution to the author of the walk - see above - and provide a link to the original material. Copyright information for the maps used in the walks can be found under the maps above.

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