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As for Brookmans Park Hotel - I have only been in there twice in the last 17 years of living here. Don't you think it's about time it was knocked down and come up to the 21st century? A pizza express would be better!!!!
No name given <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 11:52:06 Monday 28 January 2002
Editor's Note: If you have only been there twice in 17 years you may not be the best authority on the hotel. Can you please raise any concerns directly with the management rather than air them on this site.
I'm sure other people must have noticed Brookmans Park's very own Millennium Bridge - like the one over the Thames at London, the passenger walkway running alongside Station Road across the rail bridge has a tendency to move up and down slightly whenever a high speed train goes underneath. I presume this is safe - does anyone know?
James Bentall <
Welham Green, Herts, UK - 10:18:06 Monday 28 January 2002
Dear All, I know this isn't the first bonfire of 2002 but I claim the following record. The first Midnight bonfire of 2002. I was sitting in my lounge last night when smoke started coming down my chimney and through the door and window gaps. When I went outside the area was like an old pea souper. I saw flames and thought that there was a major fire. Having gone along the backs of the adjacent gardens I came across wally having a bonfire. His words were 'its got a bit out of hand'. I told him as politely as possible (without swearing or being threatening) my opinion of the matter and used the opportunity to tell him that I had also had enough of his almost daily bonfires giving me a headache and stinking out my house. The smoke even goes in his own house is he a masochist? As Mr. Meldrew would say 'I don't believe it'. Can anyone top that?
As to the chap in Oaklands, I applaud his attitude. I used to live there and my verge was a dogs toilet at one stage there was over 30 t***s outside my house which (don't laugh) I photographed and sent to the council. The dog warden turned up with her dog which promptly added to the mess! 'There's nothing I can do unless I witness it' she said. The dog warden is someone who has found a cosy number which allows her to indulge her hobby whilst getting paid for it. As for the signs on every lamppost saying no fouling, the dogs cant read, the owners cant look up that far and of course their little pet is harmless and cant be a problem can it. Well what a good winge!
Don't forget if someone is a genuine nuisance complain, they may not even know the trouble they are causing. Kindest regards,
JET <Email address not supplied>
B. Park, Herts, England - 11:43:38 Sunday 20 January 2002
I live in Oaklands Avenue. For all the people who walk their dogs in that road. If I see your dog mess outside my house on the grass verge again, and you don't pick it up, I'm going to pick it up and any others in the road. And, yes they are going to end up in your front garden!! Lets see how you like it!!!!!!
mark <
brookmans park, herts, uk - 10:21:18 Saturday 19 January 2002
I would like to say that this week we have seen a traumatic event happen to our friends who have been evacuated from their home because of a flood due to the big freeze and burse pipes and were put up in the local Brookmans Park Hotel and were unfairly treated even though they were traumatised by their disasterous welcome home after their Christmas Break. Has anyone around the village experienced unsatisfactory service from that Hotel or were they the only ones:
H Savvides <
Brookmans Park, No county/state, No country - 19:47:30 Friday 11 January 2002
Editor's note: Helen, it is probably best you contact the hotel directly and invite people to mail you with their experiences rather than post them here.
Has anyone one had experience of staying at the Brookman's Park Hotel? Friends were recently forced to spend a few nights there and were very unhappy with the service.
John Fraser <
Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire, UK - 11:24:40 Wednesday 09 January 2002
Editor's note: John, it is probably best you contact the hotel directly and invite people to mail you with their experiences rather than post them here.
Why is Gobions Open Space becoming a dog's toilet? There are bins which responsible dog owners use. But many dog owners don't which means that a public open space can only safely be used by dogs. We tried to have a game of football with a few children at the weekend but had to call the game off because of the mess. One kids said 'it is not fair it is our open space too'. Do we need a fenced off area for the dog's toilet and one for children to play safely in?
David Brewer
Brookmans Park, Herts, UK - 20:47:58 Monday 24 December 2001
I have often made the comment that the village is becoming a bit of a dump, with rubbish, damaged verges etc.
A good example of careless attitude is the debris left in the gutter from the accident in Bluebridge Road three weeks ago. Neither the police who have a duty to clean up after an accident or the dustmen or the residents could be bothered to remove the glass which is a hazard to all from the roadside. I live a mile away that's my excuse, however I would not risk my car tyres or injury to others if it was outside my door! What a pathetic attitude from all involved.
JET <Email address not supplied>
Brookmans Park, Herts, England - 17:19:12 Monday 24 December 2001
In response to Bill Moores, I read somewhere that Melanie Johnson has been in hospital recently. I'm pretty sure that she had treatment for some form of cancer.

Not 100% certain but it may explain the reason why.
Andy Kelly <
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 22:18:55 Wednesday 19 December 2001
Bradmore Lane has yet again been the victim of fly tipping, with rubbish dumped at three different places. Not only that, but there is also an abandoned and vandalised car.
Given the cost to the council of continually removing dumped material, I would have thought that the use of hidden cameras would be cost-effective in the long-term.
P.S If you ring the council you may find that you get an Ansaphone message, and that you won't necessarily get a reply.
r.pyrah <
Brookmans Park, Herts, UK - 18:54:25 Wednesday 19 December 2001
Dear DK, thanks for your letter about go peds, however they are totally illegal for those who are underage even if taxed and insured. This is for your own safety as youngsters are sometimes not aware of the injuries which can occur and boring as it may seem adults need to have the final say. Would something like a bicycle which needs skill to use and can be much more fun be a better present, then you can look forward to a proper motor bike in a few years, Take care,
Happy Christmas,
JET <Email address not supplied>
Brookmans Park, Herts, England - 15:53:58 Friday 30 November 2001
i think gopeds should be perfectly legal, i have asked for one for christmas, and to be honest i dont see what the police have against it.They are not exactly that fast.if i was a police officer and i saw a little child on a go-ped i could not take the goped off that child because i would class that as taking away a childs fun,especially if that was the childs only christmas present cos that would be wrecking a childs i am only 12 i would hate it if i got my goped taken off me on christmas day,because my parents wouldnt be able to afford to get me anything else ,i hope that the laws will change in the near future
dk <Email address not supplied>
warrington, cheshire, england,uk - 18:41:36 Thursday 29 November 2001
Reference Go Peds, Yes they are fun, however they are a noisy, smoking nuisance and can be heard for miles. Its possibly only the noise that makes them safe as even a truck driver can hear them before they are seen. The law is clear to be used they need taxing, insuring and registering with MOT after 3 years. All use so far has been ilegal, please refer to recent police newsletter.
It is nice to have comments from our friends in the United States, however don't tell us what to do and we won't tell you what to do.
JET <Email address not supplied>
Brookmans Park, Herts, England - 09:49:29 Friday 23 November 2001
First of all i think go peds should be aloud on the side walks at least. the poice have no right to take away go peds beacouse it is cost alot of money to get them. the police stop you to tell you license and registration i mean come on people who buy them are teens why would any adult be riding a go-ped around there street if they have cars. not only that but why do they allow people to sell them if there illegal. i got pulled over buy a cop and you know what he told me when i said why do they sell them then if there illegal and you know what he said? beacouse people buy them. then i asked him so where can i ride then and he said if it satisfise you drive it in circles in your drive way. my point is that we pay taxes and cops get paid put of our taxes and then they come up to you and want to take away little bit of fun that you have. I understand that care teens that drive them get in axidents beacouse of there not payng attention but i mean like why do all of us have to be punished for the stupidity of other civilians.
peter <
pembroke pines, broward fl, united states - 04:42:16 Friday 23 November 2001
I think that go-peds should be allowed to be used on the streets, I dont think that police officers should take them away if people do use them because they cost alot of hard earned money. thank you for your time.
joseph <<
brooklyn, N.Y, U.S.A - 03:22:23 Friday 23 November 2001
i think tat go peds should be allowed because of the fact that they are safe and a faster sorce of transportation then a bicke or skateboard. also go peds or verey fun t use and have. i think that we should be abel to ride them and it seems like that every time something that ppl injoy alout then there has to be a bill promiting that
nicholas m slvarola <>
edgewood, md, usa - 03:20:21 Wednesday 14 November 2001
RVC HAWKSHEAD ABOUT TO EMBARK UPON NEXT PHASE OF ITS EVOLUTION: RVC have appointed Wates plc to start work next week (Monday 05.11.01) on a scheme which by early 2002 will start by providing (amongst other things):
~ a new main entrance to the College; this will replace the existing poor main entrance (beside the Service Entrance)
~ a new 'soft-engineered' reception car park to replace that sited on an old tennis court
~ an extended 30mph speed limit area within Hawkshead Lane - for example, which will start at the railway bridge and include new signing, chicanes, etc (all as agreed with the local authorities)
At the entrance quantities of regenerative sycamore, old fencing, etc will be cleared or reduced. Tree-felling is planned to be minimised to that necessary to implement the planning permission for a new learning resources centre: some tree sections are to be turned in to planks etc for outdoor furniture, brashings will be chipped for mulches and ground consolidation. Retained trees will have careful surgery to remove deadwood, relieve pressure on branch-splits, etc. A major landscaping programme will start at the same time including a major restocking of the campus (with mulberry, catalpa, medlar, indigenous broad-leaf trees, etc) plus additional tree-belts (for screening, habitats, etc), hedge-line and 'mound' planting, pond restoration, etc in various places around the estate over the next two years. The aim is to reinforce the College's position in to the next century, support Watling Chase Community Forest, etc etc. There will be elements of unavoidable disruption for which the College apologises.

Two new 'american' animal barns (featuring a series of loose boxes that open in to 'under-cover' working corridors) will complete in December. These will replace a series of worn-out boxes that are nearly fifty years old and not 'friendly' to winter/ wet conditions. Careful planning has placed the barns alongside turn-out/ exercise paddocks, feed and bedding barns, etc

John Fisher
RVC telephone extension 5111 - via 020 7468 5000 or 01707 666333

john fisher <
Royal Vet College - Hawkshead, No county/state, No country - 10:48:41 Friday 02 November 2001
Would the owner of the car alarm in The Grove please stop it sounding off every few months for long periods. The latest started at 4a.m. today. Thank you.
martin soley <
Br Pk, No county/state, No country - 16:49:07 Wednesday 31 October 2001
Just to say a huge THANK YOU to all the residents of Brookmans Park and Welham Green who either donated jumble to our jumble sale last Saturday or came along to buy something. We raised a total of £1580 - over £150 more than last year, and our best for several years. Also a big thank you to all those people who came along and either helped us serve during the day or sort during the preceding week - it was much appreciated!

2nd Hatfield Scout Group
James Bentall <
Welham Green, Hertfordshire, UK - 14:49:34 Tuesday 02 October 2001
Am wondering if the reverand Terry Ranson is the same person that used to run the seamans mission in Fremantle, Western Australia. He was also at St Marys at Walton on the hill in Liverpool England. I often meant to drop in on him in Fremantle but never did only to hear that he had moved on. Just thought I would make this inquiry after seeing the name come up on the internet.
Brian Baxter.
Brian Baxter <
Perth, W.A., Australia - 06:54:44 Saturday 15 September 2001

I'd like to re-light the debate about bonfires. I agree with Phil Holm about the fixation some people seem to have with burning things. The trade-off is that in order to avoid paying for disposal or going to the trouble of taking rubbish to the tip like everyone else a small minority of people feel it is appropriate to have regular bonfires. I have no problem with occasional bonfires timed to coincide with gloomy evenings. However what we have here is a situation where people collect damp cuttings and leaves (Hello - damp things don't burn !) and then proceed to burn them in the middle of a sunny afternoon. This is usually preceeded by protracted use of leaf blowers so we have an hour+ of aural pollution followed by 2 hours of nasal pollution. Is there anything that can be done to reduce this problem (perhaps an agreed time when everybody lights up........)
Mark Charlish <
Brookmans Park, No county/state, No country - 12:50:24 Monday 02 July 2001

Is there anything that can be done to stop or reduce the number of bonfires in the village. I appreciate that it is everyone's right to have bonfires, but there is nothing worse on a lovely late spring evening, when the windows are open, than the stink of the smoke from a bonfire. In my opinion it is just as bad as passive smoking. Does anyone else share my thoughts? Is there anything that can be done to stop it?
Phil Holm <
Brookmans Park, No county/state, No country - 13:50:59 Monday 11 June 2001

In response to Jeremy Ewen's question of 4.6.2001 regarding the concrete pads in Mymms Drive. You are right, two brick built posts with lamps on the top are currently being erected. These, I believe, will be very similar to those that were in place some years ago. They will lighten a dark area of the road, and should look good too!
Andrew Sherlock
Brookmans Park, No county/state, No country - 15:24:31 Friday 08 June 2001

I think cops should not be such jerks about little kids riding on roads.They are just little kids wanting to have fun. I believe that cops should not try to be such mean people.If someone wants to ride on a street but cant where are they supposed to ride, in there backyards?!
Anonymous <
Exeter, Tulare/Ca, USA - 00:03:42 Tuesday 05 June 2001

I wondered if anyone in Mymms Drive could tell me what the two concrete pads which have just been put into the grass verges near the junction with the Great North Road are for? There used to be two mock gate posts here, probably installed in the 20's or 30's to promote the idea of a country estate. Are they coming back? Shame the umbrella tree had to come down.
Jeremy Ewen <Email address not supplied>
Brookmans Park, No county/state, No country - 21:30:36 Monday 04 June 2001

Does anyone have a lock-up garage for rent? MGB Roadster - well behaved and garage-trained!
Martin Soley <
Brookmans Park, No county/state, No country - 12:20:02 Tuesday 29 May 2001

I am writing about the issue on go-peds.I have owned one for the past 18 months and i am getting a bit worried about the law.I don't see the problem as long as the rider isn't causing any damage and is wearing safety gear.
Gary Chapman <
birmingham, No county/state, England - 00:22:03 Saturday 26 May 2001

Appeal to dog walkers in Brookmans Park.
Please clean up after your dogs when they mess on the verges and pavements. Recent walks around Brookmans Park village have shown there are many piles of poo that are not being picked up. You have a responsibility to clean up after you dog - please do so. Especially the person who allows their dog to mess outside the school gate - 3 times in the last week! The children go back to school 24.4.2001, let's keep the paths clean for them.
Andrew Sherlock
Brookmans Park, No county/state, No country - 21:15:47 Monday 23 April 2001

Has anyone got any old bed sheets, either single or double that they don't need any more and are thinking about chucking out? I always need old sheets for various activities for the local Cubs and Scouts, and would be very glad to take them off your hands. It does not matter if they are ripped!
Thanks, James
James Bentall
Brookmans Park, Hatfield, Herts - 00:07:53 Thursday 19 April 2001

As a former resident of Brookmans Park (1955-60) and frequent visitor, I really enjoy the website and have it bookmarked. I am also a dog owner and until about 6 years ago we had trouble in our town with people not picking up dog droppings. Then there was a campaign to tightenup on the regulations and each dog owner was issued with a pooper scooper ! It turned out that a plain plastic bag was much easier, but the message had got through and it is now rare to find the pavements fouled. Now that everyone is picking up, the embarrassment has gone and the footpaths are a joy to walk along. Special disposable bins are placed in suitable locations near parks etc.
Judy Yeates <
No town/city, No county/state, New Zealand - 11:02:50 Monday 26 March 2001

G'Day. I am the divisional coordinator for Neighbourhood Watch in the Sub Division of Henley Beach. This encompasses 21 NHW areas on the western side of Adelaide Sth Australia. I have come by some information gleened from your website concerning scooters, motorised or not. We have similar problem. I would like to exchange further information.
Regards T Hosking
Trevor Hosking
Adelaide, Sth Auustralia, Australia - 00:49:50 Tuesday 20 March 2001

LOST CAT: Have you seen our tabby cat? We let her out on Sunday 11th March and have not seen her since. She aged 4 and is very timid. She may be hiding in your garden. Please could you look. Although she is new to our family, we miss her very much. If you have any information please email us. Thankyou.
Nicky Sherlock
Brookmans Park, No county/state, No country - 21:58:55 Sunday 18 March 2001

Go-Peds are not trouble for anybody. They are a quiet and usefull way of transportation for kids and adults. They are safe IF you were a helmet. The law should not be against Go-Peds, it should be FOR helmets.
Jason waters <;
Islip, NY, U.S.A. - 21:37:03 Tuesday 27 February 2001

What are other residents experiences of refuse collection ? When I lived in London Colney the St Albans refuse collectors would take just about anything in either a bag or box.
Paul Tomlinson <;
Brookmans Park, Herts, UK - 11:09:27 Tuesday 20 February 2001

We had a successful campaign to stop the erection of Orange Masts in our village. See the details on our website.
Colin Cadle <
Bidborough, Kent, UK - 10:48:26 Monday 05 February 2001
Editor's Note: This contribution is in response to the item about a second mobile phone mast planned for Brookmans Park.

I think a big vote of thanks should be sent to the kind person in Brookmans Avenue who put up the sign this morning warning of the ice sheet down there. It was really treacherous, and this sign must have saved a lot of accidents or hairy moments.
Jeremy Ewenss <
BP, No county/state, No country - 21:12:53 Thursday 01 February 2001

Going back to the subject of the Folly Arch, I was looking at some slides I took back in about 1988 which clearly show a tie bar running across the bottom of the arch, evidently holding the two towers together. If you look at the outside sides of the towers you can clearly see two cross irons, one of which is directly in line with the base of the arch and the other running right through the brickwork of the arch above. The question is, who snipped the tie bar(s)? They're there for a purpose you know.No name given <Email address not supplied> No town/city, No county/state, No country - 21:23:52 Thursday 18 January 2001
Editor's Note: Anonymous messages are usually taken off the site - however there is considerable interest in this issue and if the author of this contribution would care to mail feedback with any more details and perhaps a copy of the slide we would consider publishing the image for all to see.

Before the snow and ice all melts can I recommend all locals to go down to the bottom end of Gobions Wood known as Deep Bottom to see the ice crater there. There's a one inch thick layer of ice which formed on top of the old pool which has now collapsed as the water underneath it drained away, and it looks really weird, just like the moon. Some of the bits of ice are about the size of a bed! If you hang around long enough you can hear it creak and crackle. Get down there, folks, before it's too late.
Jeremy Ewen, Brookmans Park, 20:22:49 Saturday 30 December 2000

Another power cut. Does anyone wish to join a strong protest to E.E. ( or whoever is responsible in this era of multi-power facilities! )
Martin Soley <
Br Pk, No county/state, No country - 14:23:47 Wednesday 11 October 2000

As a resident of Warrengate Road, I have only praise for the Warden for our area, if it wasn't for her prompt & consistant updating of the flood situation, matters for us would have been a lot worse.
Carole Batter ;
North Mymms, Hertfordshire, UK - 13:04:52 Wednesday 01 November 2000

I'm a big ebtg fan/tracey thorn. Didn't find any mention about her on your site. Anyone have any info? Please contact me Many thanks.
No name given <
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 22:43:20 Tuesday 31 October 2000

Editor's Note: You are right, there is no information on this site about the group Everything But The Girl -- mainly features local news and issues in and around Brookmans Park and the parish of North Mymms. However there is an official site for the group which has more than 50 pages containing tour information and the chance to hear clips, watch video and vote on what you think is their best track

This is a fantastic site which has obviously taken up a lot of time and effort.
Steve Neville <
Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England - 22:57:47 Tuesday 17 October 2000

You will notice that I have just found the site! If you enjoy mowing (some people really do!) why not spend one or two Saturday afternoons a year mowing in the Churchyard at St. Mary's. It is a beautiful setting and it is a way of doing your bit for the Parish. Email me with offers. Many thanks.
Martin Soley <
Br Pk, No county/state, No country - 13:59:21 Tuesday 03 October 2000

Does anyone know of a lockup garage for rent near Moffats Lane?
Martin Soley <
Br Pk, No county/state, No country - 13:51:39 Tuesday 03 October 2000

The next District Council Surgery in Brookmans Park & Little Heath Ward is on Saturday 14th October 2000 at 10 - 11am at the United Reformed Church, Brookmans Park. The following one after that will be held on Saturday 18th November 2000 at 10 - 11am at Newgate Street Village Hall. No appointment is necessary. If these times are unsuitable then contact can always be made through the Conservative Party Office on 01707 262632.
Bob Davidson <
Brookmans Park, Herts - 16:31:14 Monday 18 September 2000

Re my geese query - thanks Kevin for suggesting that they fly to the Brookmans park Golf Club lake for the day, before flying back home presumably to Oakmere Park, Potters Bar. It's true about the Internet - ask any question you like and you will most likely get an answer.
Bob Horrocks <
Little Heath, No county/state, No country - 20:36:36 Friday 15 September 2000

My name is clive young, I was a pupil at chancellors '74 - '79 (EB). I now live in Hampshire,
with my wife and two children. I would be interested in talking to any old school friends and finding out when the next reunion is?
clive young
andover, hampshire, uk - 21:59:27 Wednesday 06 September 2000
Note from Editor: Unfortunately the e-mail address you left did not work Clive. However if you are checking the site there was a reunion story last month. Click here to read it.

Help. Early each morning a flock of geese fly over our house in Swanley Bar Lane heading North West, and return at dusk heading back home to the lake at Oakmere House, or where ever they sleep. They do not appear to have gone to Gobions lake. So where do they go for the day? Any ideas?
Bob Horrocks <
Little Heath, Herts, UK - 18:29:54 Tuesday 05 September 2000

Anyone else had the misfortune to try and catch a bus from Brookmans Park this week? Just to warn you in case you didn't know, universitybus in their wisdom have decided (less than 2 months since changing the timetable) to change the bus timetable AGAIN - the bus you want is now numbered 636. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, there are NO new timetables anywhere - they have started this new service without letting anyone know, or updating the timetables at the bus stops! So be warned - if you are waiting for a bus, the timetable at the bus stop is WRONG.
James Bentall <
Hatfield, Herts, UK - 11:04:00 Tuesday 05 September 2000

Does anyone know of a good Hatha yoga class that is run locally or even slightly further afield between Potters Bar and Hatfield. I could only make evening or weekend classes.
Angela Cutler <
Welham Green, Herts, England - 10:59:38 Tuesday 05 September 2000

Re: Population of Brookmans Park. Please read the survey of households that was done for Gobions Woodland Trust, we used the electoral register for 1997 to reach residents. For that part of the Parish Ward of Brookmans Park east of the railway to Bell Lane, Great North Road, Kentish Lane and Queenswood School, there were 2,949 electors in 1,397 dwellings. 33 of the dwellings had no electors. Adding on the number of residents under 18, I guess that 4,000 is a good estimate of the population. The government's Office of National Statistics has a web site where I was able to find ( from the 1991 census data) the population of Welwyn Hatfield as a whole: However, I could not find a figure for Brookmans Park alone, so I emailed the address given on the site and got a reply back that 'Based on the 1991 Census Data, The Urban Headcount for Brookmans Park = 3315.'
Brookmans Park, Herts, UK - 20:21:02 Thursday 31 August 2000

Brookmans Park population in 1991 census = 3,292 ; no further definitive source until 2001 (but PUBLISHED ... when ?). Sorry not much help, but someone else can probably do better ... ?
John Fisher <
RVC Hawkshead, No county/state, No country - 16:47:09 Thursday 31 August 2000

This is a question to anyone who knows: how many people live in Brookmans Park? I am doing a project on Gobions woods and I would like to know.
Jo Hudson <
Brookmans Park, Herts, England - 11:31:08 Monday 28 August 2000

Certainly, having nearly had one of those delightful children nearly run in to me last Friday morning whilst walking out of my drive, I would definately consider them to be dangerous - wouldn't be so bad if a bit of consideration was shown towards other users of the pavement as well. It's illegal to cycle on the pavement, so surely these must be as well? Had I been reversing a car out of my drive instead of walking, I hate to think what the consequences could have been.
James Bentall <
Brookmans Park, Hatfield, Herts - 21:02:41 Wednesday 23 August 2000

Is it legal for small children to ride on motorised scooters along the pavements? There is going to be an accident one day. They travel very fast and are not wearing protective headgear. If someone walked in front of them there could be a serious accident.
Worried resident
Brookmans Park, Herts, UK - 17:15:43 Tuesday 22 August 2000

In reply to Jay Wheeler's comment (see below), if I remember rightly that was the flying scotsman. According to their website (, it will next be passing through on December 10th! Hope this helps.
James Bentall <;
Brookmans Park, Herts, UK - 11:53:58 Saturday 12 August 2000

Last summer, around this date, a steam engine went past the village station going towards London. Is this an annual occasion, if so when is it next due?
Jay Wheeler <
Brookmans Park, No county/state, No country - 09:50:18 Saturday 12 August 2000

It's a great site to find out about local histoy and local education.
Amy Odell <
Brookmans park, herts, England - 00:00:18 Thursday 10 August 2000

Keen readers of this site will recall that I recently wrote regarding the theft of my cycle from the shed at Brookmans Park railway station (28 June). The update is that the insurance company very efficiently replaced it with another similar cycle. Which has just been stolen from Brookmans Park railway station today. This time the thieves forced the padlock from the front door and used bolt cutters to break through the cycle lock. This is clearly not an oportunistic theft but a pre-planned one and in broad daylight too. I shall be pressing WAGN or Railtrack to think more carefully about possible security measures at this (largely) unmanned staion. If anyone else feels strongly about this point, I would be grateful for their support.

In the meantime, I can only suggest that using a scruffy, undesirable cycle is the only practical alternative for cycling commuters.
Roger Barrowcliffe
Brookmans Park, Herts, UK - 22:50:27 Friday 14 July 2000

I agree with Colin regarding his comments over the bonfire fanatics. Preferably take your trash to the tip but if you must have a bonfire please only do so on gloomy evenings rather than the sunny ones. Or gather it up like most people do and have a single bonfire in the Autumn. The problem seems to have died down lately but we did have a spate where there was smoke in the air two or three times in the same week. It is really inconsiderate particularly when the trash in question seems to be fresh cuttings or damp leaves. Just in case the relevant people are reading my comments are pointed at certain individuals in Peplins Way....
Mark Charlish <
Brookmans Park, Herts, No country - 23:22:39 Tuesday 27 June 2000

Can anyone advise on/recommend a reliable cleaner willing to do a couple of hours domestic work a week? I've scoured the local papers and newsagents to no avail. Mainly dusting/hoovering in the Bradmore Green area.
Debbie Packman <
Brookmans Park, Herts, England - 11:10:33 Monday 26 June 2000

It’s that time of year again 90 in the shade long evenings. You open your windows to let the fresh summer air in, or you relax in the garden after a day rushing around working and travelling…. What’s that smell? It’s the PYROMANIACS of Brookmans Park. WHY OH WHY, do you have to burn your garden rubbish as soon as the weather turns hot? The thick sooty smoke not only gets in my washing, my house, my bedroom and my family’s lungs, but now I have to come in from the garden and close the windows. The temperature is rising because of the lack of air. I can’t sleep, my throat is sore, and I am furious at how inconsiderate you are again this year as you were last, I ask myself are you the same idiots who allow you dogs to mess on the lawn out side my front door. All I request is can’t you wait until autumn when it gets dark and gloomy at 6 o’clock and we are all inside with the windows shut. Or better still take you refuse to the council tip at Cranbourn estate. You will not only be helping the environment but also my lungs.
Colin Ricardo <
Brookmans Park, Herts, England - 16:39:43 Tuesday 20 June 2000

Hi, It was great to find your web site.. I'm an ex Chancellors pupil from 1972 graduating in 1977. I am desperately searching for old friends from that time.... I would love to arrange or attend a school reunion of 1977 graduates. Can you help : Have I missed any recent reunions ?
Do you recognise any of these ?????
Jane Sparkes of then Peplins Way, Brookmans Park
Terence Smith of Welham Green
Michael Green of Cuffley
Mandy Baldwin of Peplins Way, Brookmans Park
Jennifer Ellis of Peplins Way, Brookmans Park
Teachers of that era were:
Mrs White, Mr Noble, Mr Cory(form teacher), Mr Digines
Mr Prosser, Mr Collinge, Mr Hollingsworth
It was on the recent Whitsun bank holiday that I felt I had to catch up with pupils and teachers from my past, so much so that I even took a trip to the school and sat outside for a while with my little 8 month old Westie puppy. The school looked just as I remembered it. He thought i'd lost the plot !!! Any way, enough of my babble !!
As I said I was a pupil between 1972 - 1977. On leaving I commenced an Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship with Marconi Instruments and achieved an HND in Mechanical Engineering (TEC 3). I am now employed as the Engineering Services Manager within a company called Nera Ltd Telecommunications Division whom I have been with for the last 17 years. I am just about to embark upon a BSc with Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering with the OU which will take 6-8 years. If you recognise anything then please get in touch. Finally what a great service you are providing at - Keep it up **

Mark (school nickname 'Cannonball')
E-mail: or
Mobile: 07944 190217
p.s. I noticed another message in the 'have your say' section referring to a 1977 graduation reunion in June, hope it's not too late for me - Details anyone please.
Mark <
Luton, Beds, England - 13:52:45 Wednesday 07 June 2000

I am looking for anyone who has an indoor swimming pool that would be willing to hire it to me for approximately two hours per week, preferably during school time. Courses run in 12-week blocks, there are three per year. I run a swimming club called 'Little Fishes' and specialise in training babies and preschool children to be totally water confident. This involves underwater swimming, I currently use special needs schools but due to a high demand, I desperately need more pool time. I have tried the more traditional places but they do not want the competition! I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help. 01707-276734
Debbie Foster <
Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire, UK - 21:51:36 Monday 05 June 2000

At the NM Parish Council Annual Public Meeting on 30 March, a petition was announced for the replacement of the traffic calming (!) chicane on Dixons Hill Rd, Welham Green by speed pads, as on Bishops Rise, Hatfield. At least 100 signatures are required. If you support this proposal, please contact the Parish Council - 1 Bushwood Close, Welham Green. Residents of Pooleys Lane may have heard about a proposed extension to the New Barnfield Resource Centre, Travellers Lane. You can see the proposal, at that library, & Queensway Library Hatfield. It is an infill giving a 25% increase in floor area, and extra car parking. Pooley Lane residents should not notice any difference.
North Mymms District Green Belt Soc <greenbelt>
Brookmans Park, Herts, UK - 19:38:06 Friday 31 March 2000

I would just like to say I found this website by chance, what a great way to contact old BP residents or ex-Chancellor pupils.  I attended the school 1970-1977 and hope to go to reunion in June. I wish I had found this site earlier!!

Bernice Reid(née Cooke)
Bernice Reid <
Savigny, No county/state, Switzerland - 16:00:00 Wednesday 29 March 2000

Thursday 30 March at 8pm - North Mymms Parish Council will hold its annual public meeting in the Memorial Hall, Station Road, Welham Green. As well as finding out what the Parish Council has been doing this last year, there will be reports from N Mymms Bowls Club, N Mymms Horticultural Soc, and Rotary Club of Brookmans Park. Kight refreshments after. A good chance to find out what part of your Council Tax is funding. All are welcome.

Bob Horrocks <greenbelt>
Potters Bar, Herts, No country - 19:23:29 Sunday 26 March 2000

The North Mymms Residents Association were very saddened to learn of the recent death of our President John Pirie earlier this week. John had been involved with the NMRA for over 25 years, and was known for always having a good sense of humour, being able to bring the meetings together, and having a very keen eye for the local area. He will be remembered for his tenacity in haranguing the council to come and repair road signs, cut back the overhanging trees, and mend the broken street lamps, and all the other things that affect our village. Our meetings will never be the same without him.

Tony Dodd <
Brookmans Park, Herts, UK - 13:19:12 Friday 10 March 2000

Just an addition to the good news that further volunteers have been found to enable the re-opening of the Junior Club at the North Mymms Youth and Community Centre. As a centre for the community of Brookmans Park and its neighbouring village, Welham Green, it is solely reliant on volunteer help. Run as a charity, it is an ideal venue for a whole host of activities.

It does need more help on its management committee. As a new volunteer, you could help broaden its provision to the community. Please contact the Centre if you can, via this web page, on youth
Martin Ferdinando
Martin Ferdinando <
Hatfield, Herts, UK - 00:56:31 Sunday 20 February 2000

Can someone please tell me if the large aerials at Brookmans Park are still in use and by the BBC. many thanks... Rod
Rod Bishop <
Harrow, Middlesex, UK - 16:38:48 Friday 11 February 2000

Desperate Plea From North Mymms Guides:  For 17 years Sir George Burns kindly allowed us to house our camping equipment in a barn on Potterells Farm, it is likely that his inheritor will want the barn for his own use. As a result North Mymms Guides are in urgent need of alternative accommodation for their camping equipment. If anyone can help, please contact me asap. Kind Regards. Meg Dennis, District Commisioner North Mymms Brownies and Guides
Meg Dennis <
Brookmans Park, Hatfield, Herts - 18:25:00 Monday 31 January 2000

Hello to one and all. I am the new business manager of The Brookmans Park Hotel and have read with interest
your (or rather our ) local village website. No doubt we at the hotel will have lots to contribute over the next few months and anything we can do to accomodate any requests from local charities, groups, societies and, providing we can meet with that request then consider it done. Anything we can do to make peoples lives more easier or enjoyable then point them in our direction here at the hotel. The nucleus of staff will remain and we do have plans to alter the fabric of the building and we think to the benefit of one and all. The buildings' owners, Whitbread, are in consultation at the moment with the new lessees and as soon as plans are finalised, one and all will have access to them via this site and usual channels. Rest assured the facade of this wonderful site will remain unchanged, albeit decorative alterations viz new windows etc. So for now I will sign off and we look forward to the Hotel once again being the centre of village life, regards P J MacLean.

Pat MacLean
Brookmans Park, Herts, UK - 19:25:52 Monday 18 October 1999

The North Mymms Residents Association may have access to a millennium grant to provide something that will
be remembered and also benefit the community. One of the ideas is to plant an oak tree to replace the one that
was in front of the Brookmans Hotel before it was built. Does anyone have knowledge of such a tree?. I have assurance from a long term local resident that it did exist but cannot find any photographs etc. Dr Kingsford the
local historian also does not know of the tree. Can anyone help? You can email (address below) or telephone
01707 646383.
Many thanks for your help.

Tony Dodd - Hon Membership Secretary North Mymms Residents Association
Brookmans Park, Herts, UK - 21:21:07 Monday 13 September 1999

Am I the only resident in Brookmans Park to notice the amazing increase in intrusion into our environment by
aircraft ( presumably flying to Stanstead & Luton) ? There seems to be a low-flying aircraft over every 2 minutes
or thereabouts ( I clocked 4 planes simultaneously in a 10 degree arc the other day). Does nobody else feel that
their peace is threatened ? Note that air traffic to Stanstead is scheduled to increase by 200% by 2001 and to Luton by 100% !!

Tim Whiteley
Brookmans Park, No county/state, No country - 20:09:10 Wednesday 01 September 1999

Is the Christmas spirit dead in Brookmans Park? When I first came to live in the Parish some 12 years ago, the decorations in Bradmore Green were a source of joy and pride to the whole village. What has happened? Over the years they have gradually diminished until the Green looks dark, dismal and forlorn in the festive season, bereft of any worthwhile effort to bring a little Christmas cheer to the place (Neville Hobbs's estate office with its illuminated 'thatch' is a notable exception - but we have always come to expect something different from Neville!). Even the residents of Brookmans Avenue and George's Wood Road seem to have replaced the spirit of Christmas with rubbish skips and piles of bricks. It used to be a real pleasure to walk along these roads and admire the decorations. Not any more. Two bright spots - Chancellor's School Christmas performance of 'Oliver' and the URC Carol Service kept the spirit alive for me. I'm not advocating turning the place into Blackpool illuminations, but surely our tradespeople around the Green could do a bit more?
Happy Christmas!

Geoff Hunt
Halstead, Essex, UK - 24 December 1998

I am increasingly concerned about the amount of dog foulings around Brookmans Park. I can't remember seeing any strays in the village, so I can only presume that some dog owners are happy to let their dogs foul the pavement while they walk them on the leash.    I really can't believe anyone would care so little about their environment and the children walking to school to let this happen.   The footpath to the station is a particular problem area.  People seem to walk their dogs over it to let them foul in area path behind the station.  This also creates a problem for commuters, especially as the nights are getting darker and its harder to see what has been left on the pavement.  Has anyone else got any views on this or am I alone in my concerns?

Phil Roberts <
Brookmans Park, Herts, UK - 12:14:14 Friday 04 September 1998

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