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My Great Grandmother Jane Elizabeth Hipgrave, died July 22, 1920, while living at 1920 or 192 Bullens Green, Roestock, North Mimms,difficult to make out last number. Could anyone tell me if the house is still standing? The informant was a her daughter, G.J.Gilmore, Pix Farm Cottages, Bourne End, Boxmoor. Would anyone also know of descendents of Gertrude Gilmore.
Richard Gillians <
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada - 21:40:24 Sunday 13 January 2002
Anyone out there know what happened to Brian Towndrows class of 75-77? I think there were about 33 of us. All the best.
Richard White <
Melbourne, Victoria, Ozland - 12:17:00 Thursday 10 January 2002
Note from the editor: Have you tried visiting the site. It might help.
Hello, The Gobion family are my ancestors. I was wondering what became of the family? Are there any members left in the area? Thank you so much for any information. Sincerely Martha Matthews
Martha Matthews <
Yakima, washington, USA - 03:22:21 Thursday 10 January 2002
Note from the Editor: Martha there are many references to Gobions on this site including a chapter which explains how the name developed. I am sure you have already used the search facility on the front page. There aren't any people with the surname Gobion in the telephone directory in the area but there are people named Gubbins. Your note has been forwarded to the North Mymms Local History Society.
Hi, Can anyone help? WHERE HAVE ALL THE BEDWELL'S GONE? The ROYAL VICTORIA PATRIOTIC SCHOOL closed down in 1972. I was one of the last girls to leave. I was 13 yrs. old. Next year marks 30 years and a reunion of all those Bedwell's should take place. It makes me giggle at the very thought! My main problem is that no records exist of 'forwarding addresses' for any of us. We scattered once the school closed. If any of you have any ideas please e-mail me.
gail filsell <
pontefract, yorkshire, england - 22:39:59 Sunday 18 November 2001
Note from the editor: Try visiting the site where you will find the Royal Victoria Patriotic School if you enter that title in the school search field. You will find 14 people have already signed up including several for the period you attended the school.
Have found this website and thinks its brilliant. As a local girl borne and brought up in North Mymms maiden name Whyte grandparents Maynard, old village name, my mother still lives at 79 Dellsome Lane. I have been looking for information with regard to Bell Bar where my grandmother Elsie Maynard was borne, and the Swan at Bell Bar which I believe they owned as a Coach House, and could possibly have lived in Kentish Lane. My Nan was married to Sydney Maynard who used to work for the local council and also looked after the playing fields and bowling green. It is obviously the previous history, which I am trying to find out. My grandmother's maiden name was Chapman whom I believe attended school in Kentish Lane. Look forward to hearing from you
Jan Sheppard
Jan Sheppard <
Hatfield, No county/state, Hertfordshire - 15:14:31 Thursday 15 November 2001
Have recently received a four page Will for Thomas Tollinton of Bell Bar (?) in the parish of North Mimms ...proved 19th October 1769. He died possessed of One Hundred Pounds! His wife Ann Tollinton, Sarah Bracksopp (wife of John), Mary Mills (wife of James) and Susanna Jones, spinster were Executrixes. Can anyone help me in finding further information please ? The Probate dated at Doctors Commons 19th October 1769. So many questions (once I've been able to fully read the Will .... but are there any records I can search whilst living here in Western Australia.
Your site looks terrific, but I am so anxious to get this request off that I haven't fully looked at the site. Suffice to say that during the war years I lived at Welwyn Garden City, my parents spent some time at North Mimms (where my mother died), and currently my only sister is living in W.G.C. having spent many years in Hatfield. So I know the area fairly well. Last visited four years ago.
Les & Lorraine Shephard <
Mandurah, Western Australia 6210, Australia - 14:29:42 Thursday 02 August 2001

If there is anybody who is looking to possibly make contact with old school friends there is a great site where you register stating what school you attended. Once registered you can look for your school and review the list of others who have registered from that school. The site will also mail you when new members join.
Neale Lawrence <
Stevenage, Herts, No country - 15:15:59 Wednesday 27 June 2001

Read your article on straw plaiting in Hertfordshire with considerable interest. My family includes members who were occupied in this profession, in the past, and as we are tracing our family tree this has become of importance to us. Were any records kept as to the names of those employed, particularly in the Berkhamsted area? It would be very nice to know something about my ancesters and their nature of work. Any information will be useful. With thanks, Linda Howard nee Hosier.
Linda Howard <
aylesbury, bucks, england - 22:16:15 Saturday 16 June 2001

The article on Roestock regarding Richard Gillans has crossed with e-mail contact I have made with him. It is amazing how this website has generated so much interest from literally all over the world. If anyone is interested in receiving the St Mary's Church, North Mymms Parish Magazine, I will happily arrange to send to you. Cost is only 30p, so postage is likely to be the greatest cost. Just e-mail me with your details and i will work out costs etc.
Martin Ferdinando <youth>
Hatfield, Herts, No country - 21:13:10 Monday 11 June 2001

Could someone give me the address of Michael Fernando, Parish Magazine Editor of North Mymms Parish Church. I would like to arrange to receive the magazine. My family of Gillians lived at 63, 66 and 70 Rostock road according to the 1861, 71 and 81 censuses. Would the houses they lived in still be standing or have they been torn down? Thanks, Richard Gillians
Richard Gillians <
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada - 15:53:38 Saturday 09 June 2001

I was delighted to stumble across your web site while searching the web for information on my ancestors, the Knolles and Frowick families. The photographs of the church and landscapes have given me some idea of what it was like at the time they lived there in the 15th and 16th centuries. I would love to see photos of the interior of the church especially any Knolles or Frowick family memorials. Did you know that Sir Thomas Knolles, Mayor of London was son of the famous knight Sir Robert Knolles (also spelt Knowles or Knollys) mentioned in Froissart's Chronicles and captain in the wars against France, Spain and Brittany under three kings Edward III, Richard II and Henry IV, and was buried with full military honours in Whitefriars, London in 1407? He was also ancestor of Sir Francis Knollys cousin to Queen Elizabeth I and ancestor of the current Viscount Knollys.
Thank you for producing such an informative and fascinating web site.
Best Wishes, Rosie
Rosie <
Wellington, No county/state, New Zealand - 05:37:55 Wednesday 06 June 2001

Please could you tell me of any history about welham Green as my surname is welham i am interested.Thanks
Gemma Welham <
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 22:31:11 Thursday 10 May 2001
Editor's Note: There are many articles about Welham Green on this site. Just go to the front page and type the name in the search facility at the top and you will get a list of relevant features. Your e-mail is also being forwarded to the Welham Green website.

Has anyone any genealogy information about the Longstaff's of North Mymms. My grandfather Herbert Longstaff was born at PancakeHall, Welham Green about 1880, and I am trying to trace my line back from there. Any information regarding any Longstaff's in the area(past and present) would be much appreciated.
David Longstaff <
Rugeley, Staffs, England - 09:58:48 Sunday 15 April 2001
Editor's Note: If you go to the front page of this site and type 'Longstaff' into the search facility it will come up with eight features or chapters from books where the name is mentioned. In the first search result there are three references. Joseph was a farm boy in the 1850s, William an agricultural labour in 1881 who progressed to become an under-gardener and Benjamin who was a labourer. In the second search result you will learn about Alice Longstaff, a school girl and John a teacher. There are also references to Alfred, James and Mrs W Longstaff. I will also forward your request to the North Mymms Local History Society.

I just loved reading this site - it is truly excellent. My problem is that I cannot find anything evenly remotely similar for South Mimms. My early SLOGROVE ancestors lived in South Mimms - if anyone reading this knows how to access the Parish Records there for the years 1600-1700 please contact me at . Greetings from Vancouver Island.Vickie
Vickie Slogrove <
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada - 23:21:34 Thursday 05 April 2001

My dad was wondering if anyone knew the origins of the name South or North Mymms. All we could find was in the Domesday Book which just states 'Mimmine'. Can anyone help?
Michelle Peel <
Flitwick, Bedford, No country - 23:40:35 Monday 02 April 2001
Editor's note: Have a look at the feature on the subject on the site.

I am researching the life and death of a 19th century resident of North Mymms Parish.With a view to learning more about my subject, I have spent a happy couple of hours browsing these pages - and not in vain. I have found reference to my subject's family and indeed, passing reference to the subject himself while a scholar at the Boys' School. Yours is a most impressive web-site. And having found more material, I am smiling from ear to ear.
David Lister <
Potters Bar, Herts, UK - 08:59:56 Saturday 17 March 2001

Re Folly Arch, My Grandfather lists his address as The Folley Shenley. Would Anyone know what the name meant? Thanks
John Lawrence <
Nanaimo, BC, Canada - 05:35:16 Thursday 15 March 2001

What a nice site - just love the pictures of North Mimms, brings back happy memories of when as a teenager living in London, would come out and ramble through the beautiful countryside around Mimms. I found your site while I was searching for ancestors from Hertfordshire (Tewin area) I was actually born in Welwyn Garden City, my mother having been evacuated during the war to live with her sister in Hatfield. Keep up the good work, I bookmarked the page to remind myself of England's countryside.
marion parton (nee shadbolt) <
Delta, British Columbia, Canada - 09:00:21 Wednesday 07 March 2001

Mr Woods might find Peter Kingsford's words offensive. I find Mr Woods' treatment of Mr Kingsford offensive. I, too, was born and brought up in Brookmans Park and attended the school. Mr Woods is the one who should check his facts - Peter Kingsford would not have attended the school - it wasn't built when he was at school. John Kingsford, his son, was in the same class as I was in the 1950s. Mr Harris was a good man and as Mr Woods so rightly says did much good for the whole community. I would put forward that I also think that Peter Kingsford has done a lot for the community, by his very informative writings.
Mary Morgan <
Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - 11:02:10 Sunday 04 February 2001
Editor's Note: Peter Kingsford has contributed several complete books to this site about the history of North Mymms. You can find them all in the history index of this site.

As someone who was born and brought up in Brookmans Park, I attended the local primary school in the 1960s. Reading Peter Kingsford's account of the village in the 1950s, I have to say that I found his reference to Mr A.W.Harris as someone 'who believed in the cane for small children' offensive. It is true that he caned children who, by the standards of the day, deserved it, but my lasting impression of him is of a kind and compassionate man who believed that manners and good behaviour could get one far. I am sure that there are others who attended the school and feel the same way; it is a pity that Mr Kingsford, who one must assume did not attend, could not check his facts before publicly denigrating someone who did much for the whole community in his lifetime and is sadly missed by many.
Phil Woods <
London, No county/state, No country - 20:28:51 Friday 02 February 2001
Editor's Note: The article referred to in this e-mail is Brookmans Park in the 1950s by local historian and author Peter Kingsford. The complaint has been passed on to the North Mymms Local History Society.

I lived in Brookmans Park from 1975 to 1986 when my parents moved us to East Sussex for my Dads job. I have very vivid memories of being at Brookmans Park school and of my past friends from there. My Mum has kept in contact with some friends from the village , so it was particularly upsetting to hear recently of the tragic death of a former classmate, Catherine Sturdy. I would just like to pass on my condolences to her family and her friends.
On a brighter note if any one from Brookmans Park remembers me and would like to write, please do. It would be lovely to hear how everyone is and what they are up to now.
Catherine Woodhead(nee Klein) <
St. Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, No country - 12:13:26 Wednesday 24 January 2001

I was born in Essendon -Australia in 1930 and have fond WW2 memories of my father who was assistant Town Clerk organising food parcels for those citizens of Essendon in the UK. I have visited Essendon on a couple of occasions when in England. What a delightful place !! Sightings of Mountain Lion have also been recorded here in Victoria and are believed to be offspring of cubs brought here in WW2 by USAAF crews and released when they moved North to fight the Japanese.
Great site !!
Frank MacDonough <
Essendon, Victoria, Australia - 04:51:30 Thursday 11 January 2001

I was born in Essendon -Australia in 1930 and have fond WW2 memories of my father who was assistant Town Clerk organising food parcels for those citizens of Essendon in the UK. I have visited Essendon on a couple of occasions when in England. What a delightful place !! Sightings of Mountain Lion have also been recorded here in Victoria and are believed to be offspring of cubs brought here in WW2 by USAAF crews and released when they moved North to fight the Japanese. Great site !!
Frank MacDonough
Essendon, Victoria, Australia
04:51:30 Thursday 11 January 2001

I moved to the U.S some 10 years ago and have sadly lost touch with a lot of old friends. Does anyone know of organized Chancellors Reunions. I graduated in 81. Any information would be appreciated.
Nick 'Gudge' Goddard <
Los Gatos, CA, USA
15:59:30 Friday 22 December 2000

Some points of interest, I hope, although belated. I have a map of about 1803 indicating (in manuscript) that the population of B Pk in 1801 was 838 and the rates in 1803 (at 2 pence or 2 shillings in the pound) was 565.16.0.It is then spelt 'North Mims'. Sadly Bill Papworth died on 7.2.00,aged 88. Church Cottage is just next to St Mary's Church, North Mymms.
Martin Soley <
Br Pk, No county/state, No country - 13:41:09 Tuesday 03 October 2000

Does anybody know who owns North Mymms House, and what year were the wrought iron gates, by the octagonal gate house made and who made them.
Mick Maxen <
Welham green, No county/state, No country - 23:05:27 Friday 18 August 2000
Editor's Note: There is a section on this site about North Mymms house and park for anyone wanting more information.

Looking for my cousins christine and angela hare from buntingford.
cynthia denton daubert <
kincumber, nsw, austrailia - 12:10:21 Monday 03 July 2000

Thanks to Peter Hughes for advising his brother Brian I am attemting to locate him after we left BP for Canada in 1957. Unfortunately I didn't receive the message he sent on March 5th till today June 26 if either of you read this please reply to the above address.
Anthony Denton <
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA - 09:08:22 Tuesday 27 June 2000

Firstly, well done on a great web site! I watched the video on the history of North Mymms and was very impressed. My Grandmother Agnes Spencer came to live in North Mymms in the early 1930's with my Grandfather George Frederick Spencer and their residence was called 'The Bungalow' Huggins Lane, Welham Green. It is believed that my Grandfather was killed whilst on Fire Watch duty during the Blitz, but my Grandmother continued to live at the bungalow until her death in 1953. In the video, it is mentioned that some of the cottages in Huggins Lane were demolished because they were considered to be a fire risk. This bungalow was of a wooden slatted construction, could this be one of them? I have written to Marion Benton from the history society about any old records that she may have relating to Huggins Lane and/or my grandparents but she could not find anything. Sorry to be so vague about my own Grandparents but I was not born until 1960 and my father is now deceased and did not tell me anything about them. Any help/suggestions/leads would be most appreciated as I am running out of ideas!
Best Wishes Catherine Hill.
Catherine Hill <
Ashby, Leics, England - 21:29:30 Thursday 08 June 2000

Yours in an excellent and most informative site: congratulations and thanks! My Grandfather, John Little (1875 - 1963), was farm bailiff for Mrs Burns at North Mymms Park in the early 1900s (listed in Kelly's Directory of 1914) and my Mother, Helen Lambert Little (1911 - 1994) was born at Grange Farm (or, possibly, Home Farm). Any information on those days and/or those people would be greatly appreciated.
Geoffrey Woollard <
Upware, Cambridgeshire, England - 15:56:10 Tuesday 06 June 2000
(For a photograph of John Little and his wife, the former Emma Florence Chalkley of Datchworth click here)

I have enjoyed 'cruising' through your wonderful site. It has a nice blend of historical facts, photos, personal insights/remembrances, etc. Well done! I hope you might be able to help me. My father, William KNIGHT, was born 5 January 1915 in Church Cottage, North Mymms. Could you tell me if the cottage still exists -- I haven't had any luck finding it? The cottage may be (or have been) on an estate. My grandmother, Emma Knight (nee -- Cooper), returned in 1914 (from New York City) to have my father at her mother's house. Many of the Coopers were working as servants at that time. I would appreciate your ideas or suggestions about finding information on Church Cottage, etc.
Bill Knight <
Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA - 06:19:52 Tuesday 06 June 2000

Finding the Brookmans Park site was great. Even recognized some names from the distant past, having graduated Chancellors in 1977 - memories are getting dimmer. Have lived in the US since 1986. Have moved around living in San Francisco, LA and New York. Great job on the site!
Cheryl Peck (nee Irwon) <
Rye, New York, USA - 16:08:21 Friday 19 May 2000

Hello from Texas!!!
What a great find for me to find a connection to my roots.
I beleive that my name is originally derived from ancestors that may have come from Mymms. North or South I am not sure. If there is anyone out there that would like to correspond with me I would appreciate it. I live in Cypress, Texas just outside of Houston and would love to hear from some of you on a regular basis. I'll have to admit we Texans are a proud bunch and we will brag a bit. However, we are also folks that are proud of our heritage both here and and across the 'big pond'. I would be much obliged to hear from someone. Thank you and I look forward to your correspondence.
Kerry L. Mims <
Cypress, Texas, USA - 02:38:53 Wednesday 03 May 2000

I discovered your site yesterday and am very impressed with the amount of information and history regarding the North Mymms community. In the process of researching my family history I have read some information regarding North Mymms and South Mymms but did not expect to find a site as fine as this. My 8th great grandfather Thomas Mims came to Virginia from England in 1657. I am interested in corresponding with anyone researching the Mims (Mimms, Mymms etc) family in the U.K. I hope to visit your lovely country and community in the future.
Stephen Stancill Mims <
Moscow, Latah Co. State of Idaho, U.S.A. - 01:10:41 Thursday 06 April 2000

COAL POSTS ETC: a few comments if I may. Tax on coal imported in to London started 400+ years ago, including in relation to then-concerns about the pollution of light and air. Our interests here have included historical work in other areas. For example in West Kent there is a classic combination of 'post, toll-point ... and a back-lane called 'Sparepenny Lane' (much beloved of those carters who believed in looking after the pennies so the pounds could look after themselves). Sadly we seem to live in times when historic features etc are increasingly been plundered: eg to be sold on as 'features' for people 'improving' their properties in different parts of Europe (with a reverse-trade of artifacts coming in from Europe to various secondhand/ salvage/ etc establishments around London ....). We have also seen the growth in 'garden-theft' too (of seats, features, plants, etc). We seem to live in times when if certain people 'want something', they all-too-often go out and look to 'take' it (including our fencing, lengths of hedges, bits of our land, ...). A sad indictment of these 'enlightened' times.
John Fisher <
Royal Vet College - 09:01:50 Wednesday 09 February 2000

I love the atmosphere you have created with this forum. It gives me a warm feeling about the area I am researching.  My grandfather, William CHUCK, born at St.Georges Union Workhouse in 1882, came to Canada mid 1890's with other orphaned children to work on farms. He claimed that his mother , Eliza Mary CHUCK, died at childbirth and he was raised by relatives. Father was unknown. I have since been able to determine that Eliza was born at North Mymms in 1861. Parents were John Chuck and Elizabeth. Other children of John and Elizabeth were Emily Elizabeth, William John, George, Rebecca Kate and Herbert.(There could be more) I would be most interested in corresponding with anyone who has information on this family.
Ross McKechnie <
Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada - 15:47:43 Friday 10 December 1999

I lived with my parents at 13 Westland Drive from '39 to '67. Is there anyone around who remembers the 'Sayers'?  In those days BP was a wonderful place. I grew up in complete happiness without fear or a care in the world. I can't remember there being a robbery let alone a murder. Rape was thought to be something medieval and 'predudice' was inconceivable. People were kind and well mannered; true gentlemen and gentlewomen. I think civilization reached its zenith in BP during those years. What's it like now ?
Roger Sayer <
MUKILTEO, Washington, USA - 07:59:58 Saturday 04 December 1999

I just found your very informative web site. I was born in Barnet in 1944 and moved with family to Brookmans Park around 1954,and attended,by bus, St Audreys School in Hatfield, my family emigrated to Canada in 1957. I was wondering if anybody knew the whereabouts of Brookmans Park friends I lost touch with, Stuart Thompson, Jean King (of Bell Bar), John Brettel, Brian Hughes, Keith Hawton,& Alan Oldridge.
Anthony Denton
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA - 22:22:34 Monday 11 October 1999

My family and I lived in Brookmans Park up until June 1982, when we decided to emigrate to Australia. We now reside in and around Melbourne. I am an ex Chancellors' School student and would be very interested to contact anyone in my years there...being 1972-1977. Can anyone tell me if the old Chinese takeaway is still in the village? My parents have been back to Brookmans Park a number of times over the years, but I am yet to get there....maybe once all this millenium stuff is over. PS anyone have a contact for Tim Hurst or Neil Peikall(?)
Dale Gomes
Berwick, Victoria, Australia - 04:11:21 Saturday 14 August 1999

Very appealing and interesting. I look forward to learning more on the topic. I would like to ask if anyone could share some information with me about Jeremy Sambrooke and also the Cocks family as I am interested in their history. thank you, Elizabeth
Liz Abbott
Great Tancook Island, Nova Scotia, Canada - 23:04:12 Thursday 08 July 1999

I was raised in Potters Bar and until recently had no idea my family was also in Potters Bar and South Mimms during the 1800s. I am looking for the death record of WILLIAM DANIEL BROWN who was living at No. 1 Truro Villa, High Road, Potters Bar at the time of the 1881 census, he died 20-3-1892. Listed with him is his wife Ann and children Arthur 15, Sidney 14, Alfred 12, Helen 11, Grace 8. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Oregon USA
Oregon, No county/state, USA - 22:18:07 Tuesday 01 June 1999

In connection with research concerning the composer Samuel Wesley (1766-1837) I am interested to identify a man surnamed Casamajor who in 1794 appears to have lived near Wesley and his wife in Ridge, Herts. Casamajor apparently was a rich gentleman who worked in a 'counting house' in St Mary Axe in the City of London.   Via the World Wide Web I noticed that Caroline Casamajor endowed North Mymms School in 1847. I suspect that she is of the same Hertfordshire family, possibly the daughter. Any assistance you may be able to provide in identifying Mr Casamajor of Herts in 1794 will be much appreciated.
Yours sincerely
Michael Kassler
Sydney, NSW, Australia - 07:27:27 Friday 30 April 1999

With reference to your request concerning the Casamajors, we have found a lot of information for you which are now added to the site click here. 

John Harris, North Mymms Local History Society.

I found it very interesting. My grandmother, according to the 1881 census was born in North Mimms about 1878/9 although I haven't been able to find a record for her in the index at the Family Records Office. Her name was Mary Holloway. Her father, Leonard Holloway was a gardener/carpenter/joiner and was working in the Norwood area, reputedly at the Crystal Palace by 1881. Both he and his wife, Ann Ingram came from Shrewton and Orcheston in Wiltshire. I wonder if there was a link between them and the Holloways mentioned in the name index for your area. Are there any records that might give me a clue as to their location around North Mimms? I intend to check the Parish Records when I can get time to visit Hertford.
Sylvia Smith
Peckham, London, No country - 15:19:15 Thursday 08 April 1999

We are unable to help you as regards Mary Holloway, but from our records we do have details on two other Holloways:-

Annie Holloway lived in Pooleys Lane about 1867 when, due to the Public Health Act, a survey was made of sanitation and it was reported that she "has a privy but no cess pool".  The only other mention is of a James Holloway who, in the 1851 census, was a farmer  owning 36 acres from Mr Gaussen at Friday Grove.  We do have a photo of Mr and Mrs Holloway outside their property in Holloways Lane, but unfortunately this is undated.  This is part of an article given to us by Tom Nott, born 1890 and now deceased.  Mr Nott's father also moved from North Mymms down to Surrey to work as a gardener.  It may be there was some communication between Sylvia Smith's gr. grandfather, Leonard Holloway, and Mr Nott's father to encourage the move.

John Harris, North Mymms Local History Society.

My ANDREWS family is from town of Hertford, HERTS. England if anyone knows anything about or may have any connection to this family please email me. My web site is:
Gordon Andrews
Mountain View, CA, USA - 04:11:44 Thursday 18 March 1999

Unfortunately we do not know of an historical society in Hertford and can only suggest that you write to the Hertford Museum at 18 Bull Plain, Hertford, Herts, UK, who may be able to help you.  Obviously they will be interested as to when your family moved from Hertford.  For your general background information there are more than a dozen Andrews in the telephone directory.  

John Harris, North Mymms Local History Society. 

(Hertfordshire now has on e-mail research facility for people wanting to look up their family history click here for more details)

Hello -- First of all, just wanted to say thank-you for providing this forum.   We are hoping someone might have information about an E. Odell Foster or his descendents. We are just beginning the search, and at present only know that E. Odell Foster was listed in the 1944 phone directory at 5 The Close, Brookmans Park. We have contacted the electoral registration department and have found out the Foster family is no longer at that address. Does anyone have suggestions about what to do next?   Thank you for any help you can give.
Cathy Baker
Maxwell, Texas, USA - 03:59:28 Thursday 18 March 1999

Although "5 The Close, Brookmans Park" still exists we are unable to trace any local inhabitants who knew this area in 1944.  We cannot find any O'Dell Fosters in our local telephone directory and there are, of course, myriads of Fosters.

John Harris, North Mymms Local History Society. 

Does anyone have any information about a RAF detachment stationed at Woodside during WW2? There is a mention of such a unit in 'Hatfield at War', but with no information as to the purpose they served.
Roger Newark
Welham Green, No county/state, No country - 13:48:09 Monday 15 March 1999

We have had two possible suggestions given us:-

1 - It was a rehabilitation centre for RAF officers and sergeants and ladies from the village were occasionally invited up to dances there.

2 - There is a suggestion that it was the HQ of a special squadron operating Lysanders from secret aerodromes for ferrying espionage agents to Europe.

You may be able to obtain further information from the author of "Hatfield at War", Brian Lawrence, phone 01707-269662, or from Ron Kingdon, local photographer and historian on phone 01707-263721.

John Harris, North Mymms Local History Society. 

G'day from Australia *smile*

I've just begun the arduous task of tracing my family tree, and my mother Susan Julie Dillon (nee Haycock) has just given me an absolute treasure trove of information via a publication from the North Mymms Local History Society. It's an oral history given by James Chuck, recorded by Albert Thom in 1986, or thereabouts. It was published in 1986 and titled 'My Life in the Village'.

My mother Susan was born in North Mymms (Hertfordshire ?), her parents being Lucy Chuck and ? Haycock (sorry it's 2.30am here and my mind is a lickle fuzzy!). James Chuck is her Uncle. I was wondering if you had ever contemplated putting his (James Chuck's) account of village life on your homepage?

I also have a question about part of the video on your site, which I found absolutely fascinating!!! *S* It absolutely blew me away to see where my Mother and ancestors grew up! You mentioned something about a bakery run by Mr and Mrs Jonah (spelling ?) Chuck. I'm wondering if anyone in the Parish would have anymore information regarding this side of my family as obviously the furthest I've been able to trace is John Chuck, James family.

If so, it would be greatly appreciated, and thankyou again for your informative mum is going to be absolutely BLOWN AWAY when I show it to her, not to mention the video! *S*

Thankyou and peace...

Dianne Dillon
Dianne Dillon <
Canberra, ACT, AUSTRALIA - 13:02:13 Monday 08 March 1999

Susan's parents were Lucy Chuck and Tom Haycock, who was the foreman at Wild Hill, and then worked at Massells.  Her uncle, James Chuck, had a daughter, Dolly, who married Bill Papworth, who ran the bakery business.  Bill still lives in Dellsome Lane but unfortunately Dolly is now deceased.

John Harris, North Mymms Local History Society. 

I have a surname index to the 1851 North Mimms census which contains names, location, ages and will do lookups for
anyone that may be interested. Re: Real Video of North Mymms, thanks go to my fellow members of the North
Mymms History Society who have opened the past so that I can now understand the conditions and lifestyle of my
family who lived in the hamlet of Roestock for nearly 120 years. God bless you all.
Richard Gillians
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada - 04:54:33 Wednesday 13 January 1999

Great site. I am searching for the Mofford or similar spelling of that surname; quite possibly from Northumberland,
England or Scotland. I have information of Mofford's, Bradshaw, Sampson, Starratt and Gallant on my website which
can be found by emailing me any requests. Thank-you.
Glen Mofford
Victoria, BC, Canada - 21:53:20 Monday 04 January 1999

Hi I just want to thank John Harris of the North Mymms Local History Society for his info on
the Brookman name in your area. It gives me a good lead on where the name came from and
some good background information. Now if only I could find some of those elusive Brookmans... Barbara Stevens

East Hartford, CT, USA - 01:07:58 Monday 02 November 1998

Your thanks will be passsed on to John.  Glad it was a help.

its fab i'm wondering if anyone can help me i'm looking for an ernest springall who had a
brother named albert who lived in australia(my DAD)
David springall &
riverwood, New SOUTH WALES, australia - 10:25:48 Wednesday 28 October 1998

Hi: My family worked in the 1800's for the Gausson family as ag.labs. at Brookmans and in the North Mymms area. First known Gillians was John Gillion who married Elizabeth Andrews Nov 3, 1788, Hatfield Parish Church. My Great grandmother Jane Elizabeth (Gillians) Hipgrave died at Bullens Lane, Roe Stock, North Mymms July 22, 1920. Understand that a John Gillians was the servant and only person in the Manor house when it burnt in the 1890's. The family is still a little careless with matches.
Richard Gillians <
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada - 06:27:30 Sunday 25 October 1998

In reply, John Harris of the North Mymms Local History Society offered the following information:

Peter Kingsford book about the Modern History of Brookmans Park 1700-1950 (soon to be reproduced on this site) gives 1881 census details of the house as having 14 staff.  Gillian is not mentioned however the staff listed may not have included all agricultural workers.  The fire was in 1891 as the Gaussen family was cruising off the Dutch coast.  The domestic servants had moved into the mansion while the family was away and there belongings also went up in the flames.  There could be a connection with Elizabeth Andrews and I will add more to this alter.

I am a member of Essendon Historical Society (in Australia) and am trying to solve the riddle as to who brought the name of Essendon, Herts, to Australia.  I'd better say right now that I have checked the usual sources, and found them wanting for accuracy. I am now investigating some of our early settlers, and comparing names with those I have found on the St Mary's Essendon parish register.

One of the names that struck me was one Isaac GREEN who married Frances Stevens in St Mary's in 1803. An Isaac Green was in our district in 1849, when he was a juror at an inquest. An entry in the Vic deaths index shows that an Isaac Green died in 1867, aged 63, birthplace Hertfordshire. Although this fellow did not appear in the St Mary's parish register, I thought he might be the eldest son of Isaac and Frances Green. They appear to have had a handful of children baptised elsewhere, as their earliest child was baptised in St Mary's in 1808. Can anyone help with any information about this Green family - particularly whether anyone emigrated to Australia, and put the name of his hometown on our map?

I wish we had a newsletter like this one!!

Lenore Frost <
Essendon, Victoria, Australia - 07:35:48 Tuesday 06 October 1998

In reply Paula Marshall of St Mary's Essendon, Herts offered the following information:

There are several tombstones in Essendon churchyard belonging to the GREEN family which are said to be relatives of the Richard Green who settled in Australia.   William Pomeroy Greene mentioned in the book, 'The Stop-Over That Stayed' has an additional 'E' on is surname.  A photograph of St Thomas' Church, Essendon Australia is displayed in Essendon Church, England. A tenuous link still exists between the two Essendons.  In 1972, Mr Colin Griffiths, former Mayor of Essendon, Australia, visited Esssendon, England and a party was held in his honour.  In 1995 we were visited by Elaine Watson whose father was Mayor of Essendon, Australia when food parcels were dispatched to Essendon, England during World War Two.  In gratitude for those parcels, the Englsih Essendon residents sent a book signed by many of them containing pictures of the church and village painted by a local artist.  This book is still in existence as Elaine Watson brought prints of the original painting, copies of which were distributed amongst villagers here.

Paula Marshall. October 22, 1998.

I am looking for any information on EDWARD TURNER FAMILY born Hadley abt. 1848
parents: Edmund & Henrietta Turner
Children : Henry George b. c1864 Hadley
Henritta b. c1865 Muswell Hill
Edward b. c1868 Hadley m. Mary Elizabeth Claridge
Frederick b. c1870 Hadley
Elizabeth b. c1872 Hadley
Caroline b. c1874 Little Heath
Kate b. c1877 Little Heath
William b. 1879 Little Heath

Jennie Smith: 
Glenfield, North Shore City, New Zealand - 23:45:32 Sunday 20 September 1998

In reply, John Harris of the North Mymms Local History Society offered the following information:

The only Turner family listed in the 1881 census lived at 3, Victoria Cottages, Little Heath.
George Turner, aged 74, retired baliff, born Hatfield
Caroline Turner aged 14, scholar, daughter, born Hatfield.
Eliza Turner, aged 11, scholar, daughter, born Hatfield.
Lara (?) Turner, aged 7, scholar, daughter, born Hatfield>
We do not think these are related...However the following could be connected...
In the 1891 census, the only Turner listed as residing in Little Heath is Caroline Turner, aged 16, born Little Heath and described as a domestic servant at the Builders' Arms Public House (which still stands today although rebuilt).  This (age & birth place) could be the Caroline.   Turner referred to.

Hadley comes under the area of Barnet and I suggest you contact Mrs Gillian Gear, Barnet and District Local History Society, Nicholls Farm, Lybury Lane, Redbourn, Herts, AL3 7JH.

A great idea for historians to have a view of the area both past and present. I just wish it was a little closer to the area that my ancestors hailed from!! My GrGrGrGrandfather, John Turner was the Gamekeeper at Rye End farm in Kimpton between the years of 1778 and 1801 when he died aged 79 years. I have been told that the farm and cottages are still there. I would love some historical imput about Kimpton and Rye End farm if there is anyone out there who has contacts with members of a genealogy or historical society in the area. I know that the eldest son, also named John Turner as was the custom remained in Kimpton and married a local girl, Elizabeth Sibley. he was a wheelright. Any information will be gratefully received.

June Mateer
June Mateer (nee Turner) <
Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand - 22:45:04 Saturday 19 September 1998

In reply, John Harris of the North Mymms Local History Society offered the following information:

I am told Rye End Farm is still on the official maps between Kimpton and Codicote and sugged you try Sharon Allen of the Codicote Local History Society, 11 Tower Road, Codicote, Hitchin, Herts. SG4 8XH.

Family tree research : Looking for any BOSWELL/COATES/PEGRAM who may have links with Great Hormead in Herts. Have got as far back as late 1700s.

Alan Perry
Alan Perry <
Enfield, Middlesex, England - 17:13:27 Saturday 19 September 1998

In reply, John Harris of the North Mymms Local History Society offered the following information:

Suggest you contact Mr J. Blaxill of the Buntingford Railway and Local History Society at 43, High Wood Road, Hoddesdon, Herts. EN11 9AP.

Great Site - I will be putting in a link from my site.
On the subject of Hertfordshire Genealogy, I have photos of a number of Hertfordshire Churches on my web site which are free for people to copy, which will hopefully enhance their their Family History research.  I also offer a Copy Certificate Service for the whole country and also other research for the County of Hertfordshire.  Details on my web site.

Ian Rose
Ian Rose <
Harlow, Essex, UK - 11:46:29 Saturday 19 September 1998

I was wondering if this would be of use to anyone? I have a copy of an old will dated 1840 for a WILLIAM BRYANT of Potters Bar, Parish of South Mimms, county of Middlesex, witnesses were Thomas Drury and Thomas Brown.   This is a copy of the will and in old script, very hard to read, but will give you what I can make of it.  It says: "I William Bryant of Potters Bar of the Parish of South Mimms in the County of Middlesex so ------ my last will and testament as follows I desire to be buired in the grave of my dear wife at Potters Bar Chapel and I desire that all my just debts funeral and ---------- expenses to be bequeath to my friend----------." Sorry can't read the rest.  It does says Daniel Lynn was the sole executor witness and was singed in the presence of Wm Bryant, witnesses Thomas Drury and Thomas Brown.  It is dated 1840. There is an address of no.13 Fox Court Grays ------. I wish I could find someone who reads old script, this is a copy I have, my aunt has the original and I know she won't give it to me.   I was wondering where Potters Bar Chapel was?  Was it the old church next to Oakmere park?  Hope this is of interest to someone.  I think Thomas 'Brown was my ancestor. Regards, Christine, Oregon U.S.A.
Christine <
Oregon, USA - 05:15:00 Monday 13 July 1998

In reply, John Harris of the North Mymms Local History Society offered the following information:

I have passed on a copy of this note to Mrs B Warren, of the Potters Bar Local History Society, 6 Church Close, Cuffley, Herts.

I am having a terrible time locating a Brookman family in England. My great grandmother, Elizabeth Brookman was christened in St. Marlylebone in Dec of 1818. Her father was John, a miller and her mother Julia.  Elizabeth married John Haynes and came to the US in 1852.   Their son, John Haynes was my great grandfather. Do you know if there could be any connection to Brookmans Park and a Brookman family in that area?
Barbara <
USA - 05:09:41 Monday 13 July 1998