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We have removed the archive of parish magazines because it was taking up too much webspace. Eventually we hope to be able to republish all back issues online. A note will be posted to this site's forum if and when we are able to do this. In the meantime, please contact Jean Hockings if you would like to order any back copies or have the .pdf emailed to you.
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St Mary's Parish Magazine
North Mymms

St Mary's in summer
St Mary's Church in the summer
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

St Mary's Parish magazine is published once a month and distributed throughout the parish. In June 2004 we decided to make the magazine available online in pdf format.

There are links on the left of this page under the heading Magazine Archive, where past copies will be stored.

The pdf format is slow to download (15 seconds on broadband and about two minutes on dial up), but please be patient, because once it does download you will have the full 20-page copy on your computer to read at your leisure.

Once the file has downloaded you can change the percentage size the page is displayed in and also save the whole magazine to your computer.

Please any feedback and post any reaction in a discussion thread running in this site's forum.

We hope you find this addition to the parish magazine service useful.

Note: The links to 2004 editions of the Parish Magazine are temporarily not working because we are currently moving the pages to another server having run out of space. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Jean Hockings - Editor, St Mary's Parish Magazine.

June 2004

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