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Local Will Found In USA

The 150-year-old will of a Potters Bar man  has turned up in America.  Now the woman who has it wants to use the Internet to find out more about the family of William Bryant who signed his last will and testament in 1840.

Details of the find were e-mailed to the Brookmans Park Newsletter by Christine from Oregon who says she is keen to pass the will on to anyone associated with the family.

You can read her e-mail in full at the 'What You Said' section of this site.

Christine says the copy of the will she has is in old script.   Details are hard to make out and it is difficult to read.

The part that is legible talks of a William Bryant who had his will drawn up in 1840.  In it he recorded his wish to be buried alongside his wife in the grounds of Potters Bar Chapel.

The will names the sole executor as Daniel Lynn and was witnessed by Thomas Drury and Thomas Brown of the Parish of South Mimms, County of Middlesex.   The will also contains the address, 13 Fox Court, Grays.

In her e-mail to this Website, Christine wants to know more about William Bryant, and the Potters Bar Chapel where he asked to be buried.  Christine is keen to find out   whether it was the old church next to Oakmere park.  She is also hoping the will is of interest to someone locally.

She has a personal connection with the story too.  Christine thinks she is an ancestor of one of the witnesses, Thomas Brown. 

Anyone wanting to know more can e-mail this site's 'Have Your Say' section or contact  Christine at

July 14, 1998

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