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WAGN anger

Are you happy with the standard of service provided by WAGN. Have you any thoughts on the state of Brookmans Park Station? Does your train arrive on time and is it long enough to accommodate all the passengers comfortably? 

If there is enough concern, this site will compile a dossier of complaints and suggestions to pass on to the company.  Please e-mail your thoughts to

Customer Charter

When West Anglia Great Northern Railways (WAGN) took over the commuter services for this region, they promised a prompt response to commuters concerns. A customer charter was published which covered, among other things, the punctuality of services and the maintenance of WAGN property.

Two years on and the customer facilities at Brookmans Park Station are still in a state of ruin. The waiting room alternates between being boarded up or being left open as an unofficial public toilet. There is no shelter other than under the eaves or the footbridge.

Ghost Train

Scheduled trains are regularly cancelled. When information is forthcoming the two most popular excuses are either technical problems or that the driver has not turned up. What other service on which thousands depend would be threatened by the staff sickness of one person? Why is there no back-up staff on standby, surely a simple rota issue?

When a train is cancelled commuters from Brookmans Park often have to wait up to half an hour on an open station with absolutely no facilities - even the train information board has remained in the same vandalised state for more than two years.

Fast commuter trains continue to sail through the station, unable it seems to respond to the situation and pick up stranded passengers. Often when a train does arrive it has been reduced to three coaches and twice the number of passenger that would have fitted into the earlier six-coach cancelled train have to cram into three.

Shrinking Time-table

Each new timetable seems to have fewer services on offer

The cost of an adult annual season ticket from Brookmans Park to Central London is in the region of 1,800 and prices continue to rise. Are you getting value for money? Have you come to accept the situation? Or would you value the chance to form a collective voice and force the management at WAGN to come up with some answers.

Where to complain

The company says it welcomes suggestions and complaints and has issued the address of the Customer Relations Manager and his team, at Station Road, Cambridge. C B1 2JW. The 'phone number is 0345-818919 or you can fax 01233-453606.

However, it may be more productive to write directly to the WAGN Managing
Director at the following address :

Mr David Burton, Managing Director, WAGN, Hertford House, 1 Cranwood Street
London, EC1V 9GT.

WAGN Watchdogs

There are also the two 'watchdog' groups;

The London Regional Passengers Committee, c/0 The Secretary, LRPC, Clements House, 14-18 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7PR. Tel: 0171-505-9000

The Rail Users Consultative Committee for Eastern England, c/o The Secretary, RUCC for Eastern England, Crescent House, 46 Priestgate, Peterborough, PE1 1LF. Tel: 01733-312188.

Joint Voice

Alternatively e-mail your experience to this site at and they will be compiled into a dossier and forwarded to the company.

Have Your Say

You can also express your views in the 'Have Your Say' section of the site and see what others have written in the 'What You Said'.

July 31, 1998

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