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Vet college expansion plans submitted

The Royal Veterinary College's expansion plans are now available for inspection at the offices of Welwyn Hatfield Council.

The college has submitted a planning application for a new building incorporating a learning resource centre, reception and administrative offices. The plans also include a new vehicular access to the site and car parking.

Any member of the public can see a copy of the application and the submitted plans by visiting the council offices in Welwyn Garden City during normal office hours.

According to a public notice in the Welwyn Hatfield Times, published on Wednesday January 26, any person who wishes to make representations about the application should do so in writing to the Chief Planning Officer within 21 days of the date of publication of the notice, i.e. Tuesday February 15. The expansion plan is number S6/2000/39/FP.

Any representation made by a member of the public will then also be available for public inspection.

Representatives of the North Mymms Green Belt Society recently visited the site to see the plans for themselves. They had earlier voiced concerns about new buildings being erected on green belt land and the likely increase in traffic.

The plans are also published on the RVC website, showing the area to be developed, drawings of the scale of the development and details of the case for supporting the plan.

The North Mymms Green Belt Society's views are set out on its website

January 26, 2000

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