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Vet College expansion opposed

The Local Green Belt Society is opposing plans by the Royal Veterinary College to expand its site.

The RVC wants to build a ‘large animal clinical centre’ on the field between the Queen Mother Small Animal Hospital and the railway bridge.

The North Mymms Green Belt Society has written to all residents in the area outlining their objections and has also sent their objections to Welwyn Hatfield Council's planning department.

In the letter to residents of Hawkshead Lane, Swanland Road, and Warrengate Road, Bob Horrocks, the honorary secretary of the society, encourages people to study the plans submitted by the Royal Verterinary College by going to its website.

On the RVC website, the college shows the area to be developed, has a drawing of the scale of the development and has details of the case for supporting the plan.

Mr Horrocks encourages people to study the plans and submit their comments directly to the College.

He then sets out the Green Belt Society’s main objections.

That the site is in the green belt, the development is not appropriate, that it would make a ‘ribbon development’ along Hawkshead Lane, that it would lead to increased traffic from 37 vehicles a day to 130 and that the local lanes would become hazardous.

Visit the North Mymms Green Belt Society's website

November 13, 1999

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