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Bridge repairs completed

repair2.jpg (5800 bytes)
The parapet has been completely rebuilt

The bridge at the end of Hawkshead Lane has been repaired less than a month after concern was expressed about cracks appearing in the structure.

The work took two weeks and the lane had to be closed for a time while it was completed.

Locals had expressed fears that the projected increase in traffic following the extension of the Royal Veterinary College would damage the bridge further but the local authority says their fears are unfounded.

repair1.jpg (7140 bytes)
The repair work as seen from the river side of the bridge

The authority says the bridge is capable of carrying 40 tons and say the damage was caused by an accident when a vehicle hit the parapet rather than by stress.

The plans are also published on the RVC website, showing the area to be developed, drawings of the scale of the development and details of the case for supporting the plan.

The North Mymms Green Belt Society's views are set out on its website

April 2, 2000

Have your say:Should the Royal Veterinary College expand into green belt land? Have Your Say

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