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New crackdown on station vandalism

Three new developments have been announced to tackle vandalism at Brookmans Park station after the issue was raised on this Website.  Regular twice-daily patrols are to be carried out, Railtrack is to bring forward its proposed facelift and West Anglian Great Northern - WAGN - is planning to cut back the overgrown foiliage around the station to increase security. 

Last week the North Mymms Residents’ Association called for urgent action after cast-iron drainage covers were thrown onto the Inter-City east-coast mainline. A six-foot wooden beam has also been strewn across the line.

Up to now the vandalism has been confined to breaking destination signs, ripping up fences and defacing the station walls, but now the vandals have turned their attention to throwing large objects on the track. 

Hertfordshire Police were notified and they contacted British Transport Police.  Officers investigated and it is thought video footage from the closed-circuit cameras on the station could help them piece together important clues in the hunt for the culprits. 

The North Mymms Residents Association had been calling on Railtrack and WAGN to take action to tackle a problem that has been left to deteriorate for the past three years.  No effort has been made to repair the station and its facilities despite promises in the customer charter that faults would be tackled within days. 

Recently the station was in line for a face-lift but that plan was shelved by Railtrack and taken off the priority list.   Now Railtrack say the work could get underway this financial year.

The work would include a new shelter, block paving for the platforms replacing the current uneven tarmac surface, improved drainage and repairs to the car park and pathways.

Railtrack has responded to an e-mail from this site saying the company is very concerned about the report of obstructions on the line.   A spokesman said it is an extremely serious matter which requires urgent attention and he has urged local residents to alert the company if there are any repeat incidents.

Railtrack say people who notice anything should call the National Helpline number which is open 24 hours a day.   The number is 0345-11-41-41.

The company says the operator will take details and pass them on to the relevant office.   In the case of night-time emergencies they will pass the information on to the nearest Railtrack control area.

WAGN has also responded to an e-mail from this site about the vandalism.   Their customer service department says the issue is receiving attention and a reply is will be sent to this site as soon as possible.

July 13, 1999

Have the vandals won at Brookmans Park Station?  Can the police do anything to contain the problem?  Is there enough for youngsters to do in the village?   Have Your Say

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