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Radio interference getting louder

A resident of Uplands Drive says there has been an increase in noise from the Brookmans Park radio transmitter recently.

He has written to the BBC and says they were sympathetic but could offer no solutions.

They recommended he should write to this site’s ‘Have Your Say’ section and fill in an official complaint form, obtainable from the post office.

A number of people have e-mailed this site in the past and the Green Belt Society and North Mymms Residents’ Association have also been investigating the issue.

In the e-mail to this site Martin Connolly said that they have had trouble in the past but haven’t heard anything for a year or more. But now the noise is back and louder than ever. Click here to read the e-mail.

“Unfortunately for us it is only heard in the main bedroom and at night but this time it is loud enough to wake us up. The most common place for the noise to come from is radiators, although people have reported sounds from microwaves etc,” he writes.

It is thought wet conditions increase the likelihood of sounds.

“In the past we have experienced Radio Sunrise which is a station for the Asian Community and the music was quite distinctive. This time there is more talking and it is more likely to be Talk Sport,” he writes.

Mr Connolly, would like to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences. You can e-mail Martin at

March 13, 2000

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