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Swan Yard: injunction sought

North Mymms Green Belt Society is calling on local residents to support efforts to serve an injunction preventing families from living in caravans in Swan Yard, Bell Bar.

The Society has written to this site and to the local newspapers, urging local residents to attend the hearing and give their support from the public gallery.

The hearing is at Luton County Court on the second floor of Cresta House in Alma Street in Luton on February 3 and 4 starting at 10am.

In an e-mail to this site, the chairman of the North Mymms Green Belt Society, Bob Horrocks, says the society has been opposing the use of the land by families living in caravans since 1998.

“We alerted Welwyn Hatfield Council in 1998 about gypsies living in caravans at Swan Yard, Bell Lane, Bell Bar, near Brookmans Park, even though it is not an authorised gypsy site. An injunction hearing is to take place to stop this use of the land. The presence of residents in the public gallery will add weight to the case. We would appreciate your support,” he wrote.

The issue has also been aired on the society’s website where the history of the site is set out.

The site notes that in December, “an application for a residential caravan pitch for one gypsy family (two caravans) with ancillary amenity block” at Swan Yard, Bell Lane, Bell Bar, was refused by Welwyn Hatfield Council.

The Green Belt Society notes that it, “objected most strongly to this application”, because, “this proposal does not meet the criteria for a gypsy site…it is in green belt and completely out of character with the neighbouring properties such as the Grade II listed Elizabethan farmhouse next door.”

The Green Belt also says that although the application is for two caravans, “there is nothing to prevent ‘visiting gypsies staying for indefinite periods. This would continue the current unauthorised use of the land for which an injunction is being sought.”

Welwyn Hatfield Council is seeking the injunction to stop the unauthorised use of the land.

January 29, 2000

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