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Shortage of local teachers 

Brookmans Park School’s headteacher Peter Evans has told BBC News Online that the cost of living in the area is making it difficult to attract teachers.

In an article in the site's education section, he says the government should increase salaries to make teaching a more desirable career choice.

Mr Evans first made his comments at a meeting of the school PTA when he was reporting back on his efforts to fill two teaching positions, He had advertised for candidates both locally and nationally but there were only two applicants. One was appointed.

To read the full story as told on the education pages of BBC News Online click here.

Taking risks is good for you

Also on the BBC news website Mr Evans writes about the dangers of ‘mollycoddling’ children.

He says taking risks has, “enabled mankind to move forward, to explore unknown lands, to discover new ways of doing things, to create new medicines and to design new machines. Why then are many people so keen to keep their children from any situation which might suggest an element of danger?”

The headteacher says all children must be given the opportunity of feeling they are doing things on their own.

“They will become more confident in their decision making. Yes, they will make mistakes but that is what risk is all about,” he tells BBC News Online.

To read the article click here.

December 12, 1999

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