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Scouts camp "largest ever"

Report by James Bentall, scout leader

sailing in Poole Harbour - image courtesy of North Mymms Scout Group
Sailing in Poole Harbour

Around 70 young people from North Mymms Scout Group, supported by 20 adults, have taken part in the biggest summer camp ever undertaken by local scouts.

Despite unseasonal weather - adults were up at 5am one morning hammering tent pegs to try and stop the tents blowing away - the young people had a fantastic time.

Successful sea fishing in the English Channel meant that the scouts were able to catch enough fish to cook supper.

Fishing for supper in the English Channel - image courtesy of North Mymms Scout Group
Fishing for supper in the English Channel

They went sailing and canoeing in Poole Harbour, experienced off-road biking, climbing, abseiling and riding in extreme powerboats. Onsite activities included raft building, wide games and swimming.

The campsite had a 15 acre lake with two islands. The older scouts were set a challenge where they were marooned on one of the islands at 7pm in the evening and had to solve riddles and codes placed on the island to find the things they needed to survive the night.

Powerboating - image courtesy of North Mymms Scout Group

Most groups passed with flying colours, although one group only managed to find two of the five tent poles they needed which led to some interesting sleeping arrangements

North Mymms Scout Group thanks all the adults who helped support the camp, as well as Mount Grace School, who kindly helped us with our travel requirements.

A special thanks goes to North Mymms Parish Council, which helped out financially, enabling some young people to attend the camp, who would not otherwise have been able to afford to take part.

You can discuss the scout's summer camp in this site's forum.

19 September 2008

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