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Getting tough on knife crime

Police knife deposit bin - image courtesy of Hertfordshire Constabulary
Police knife deposit bin

Metal detection arches are to be used at some stations, pubs and clubs in Hertfordshire in an effort to deter people from carrying knives.

Police say they have a list of ‘targeted locations’, selected by officers in an effort to ensure that "people can enjoy themselves safely without worry."

According to police, Hertfordshire doesn’t reflect the high levels of knife crime experienced in other parts of the country and has seen a 5.4% decrease in incidents involving knives over the past year. However, Herts police say they want to see the figure continue to drop.

Knife deposit bins have been introduced at most police stations across the county and people wanting to hand a knife in are encouraged to make use of them by wrapping the knife in cardboard and securing with tape.

All knives placed in the bins will become the property of Hertfordshire Constabulary and will be shredded to remove them permanently from circulation.

Police say anyone caught in illegal possession of a knife will be arrested and could face up to four years in prison and it doesn’t stop there according to the latest police publicity.

"A criminal record may prevent the person arrested getting a job, going to university or college or even travelling abroad to some countries."

You can discuss knife crime in this site’s forum.

24 September 2008

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