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Crime watch volunteer needed

Neighbourhood Watch sign

The local neighbourhood watch team needs a volunteer to act as area coordinator for the Bradmore Way and Peplins Way area.

The secretary of the Brookmans Park and Little Heath Neighbourhood Watch, Brenda Harris, says the area coordinator is one of a team of six who take responsibility for liaising with the local police in all crime related matters.

Brenda says the workload is not great, but the role is important in terms of crime prevention.

“The team meets three times a year for an hour at a time, usually on a Monday afternoon between 3pm and 4pm, so it is not a demanding role,” she said.

The group is joined by the local community officer, PC Jo Wakelen and the local police community support officer, PCSO Steve Harvey, to discuss local crime and any concerns and worries members of the community might have passed on to the area coordinators.

The discussions are then written up in one of the regular newsletters (an archive of links to previous newsletters is kept on the Neighbourhood Watch main page), and distributed throughout the area.

Brenda Harris says the area coordinator is also responsible for distributing the newsletters to local coordinators who deliver them door-to-door in areas that have joined the neighbourhood watch programme.

If anyone would like to be considered for the role of area coordinator for the Bradmore Way and Peplins Way area, please contact Christel Anslow, the Watch Liaison Officer, on 01707-638735 and say you read about the vacancy on the Brookmans Park Newsletter.

You can discuss local crime in a thread running in this site’s forum.

25 September 2007

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