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Bluebridge traffic calming planned

Bluebridge Road, Brookmans Park
Many have complained about the speed of vehicles travelling along Bluebridge Road

Officials at Hertfordshire Highways are considering introducing red road markings on Bluebridge Road in an effort to cut traffic speeds. The work could be carried out early next year.

According to Deputy District Manager, Mark Goodyear, the calming feature could be a small red patch of surface laid across the whole width of the road ‘adjacent to the existing gateway feature where traffic enters Bluebridge Road from the south.’

In a letter to the local MP, Grant Shapps, Mr Goodyear says he anticipates that road markings with the word ‘SLOW’ could then be painted on top of the red patch and a 30 mph sign placed nearby.

Mr Shapps wrote to Hertfordshire Highways earlier this month and received a reply six days later. The MP posted about the correspondence on this site’s forum and included a copy of the letter.

"I thought Brookmans Park residents might appreciate knowing that following a fair amount of lobbying some additional measures are due to be undertaken to highlight the 30mph speed limit on Bluebridge Road.

"Before you get too excited, this isn't going to change the world and it won't be done overnight either. However the County Council (who are responsible for our roads) have agreed to my request to at least start to address the speed issue with some additional markings," he wrote.

In his letter, Mark Goodyear says that he has added the request to a small list of similar work in the southern part of the district.

He says he hopes the work can be carried out between January and March 2007, weather permitting, however it could be delayed until after April and the next financial year.

You can discuss this issue in this site's forum.

24 September 2006

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