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Apologies to all forum members

security being tightened
We are investigating fresh security measures to try to prevent further forum abuse
This site would like to apologise to all forum members for a spamming incident which occured in the early hours of Saturday 9 September, and which resulted in offensive adult material being sent via instant message to every member.

We have closed the forum, but, unfortunately, the damage has already been done.

If you receive a message in your email inbox from this site, sent at 00:10, please DO NOT click on the links.

Offensive material was also posted in the forum. This was removed as soon as we were aware of it.

The Brookmans Park Newsletter team prides itself in running a forum that is suitable for all ages and apply strict rules on the posting of offensive material.

The forum will remain offline while we see if we can find a security patch.

One possible solution would be to remove the instant messaging facility, limit the name line to one name and disable the CC fields in any message posted.

We have already changed the registration rules so that new members have to be approved by the admin team before they can post. Previously, people could post after receiving an automated notification.

This would slow down the registration process, but it would also help us guard against known spammers.

Two forum members have already requested that we remove their personal details from the forum. We are happy to do so for anyone who would rather have their details removed from the database. However, remember, that once a forum ID is removed it is gone forever and the log in profile is lost.

If you want your details removed, please mail the site using the feedback form.

Thanks to all those who have emailed messages of support urging us not to cave in to the spammer. We are not going to give up easily. The forum means a lot to the community and we are keen to find a way of protecting it.

Again, apologies to everyone.

You can comment in the weblog by clicking here.

The Brookmans Park Newsletter team

9 September 2006

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