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Plastic recycling considered

plastic bottles being recycled
Scheme being considered in response to public demand

The borough is looking into a proposal to introduce ten new recycling facilities for dealing with plastic bottles and containers.

The plan is to locate them at existing recycling points, where there is space.

According to a spokesperson for Welwyn Hatfield Council (WHC) the move is in response to public demand.

"Plastic recycling is a topic that the council is often asked about ... providing recycling banks will help to meet this demand."

If the plans get the green light from councilors, the scheme could be rolled out as early as December this year.

At the same time there is good news for those who missed out on ordering the garden waste wheeled bins.

WHC is considering ‘a substantial expansion of the current home collection recycling facilities in the borough’.

At the moment, glass, paper and garden waste recycling facilities are not available to all homes.

Under a new proposal, all homes, including new builds, will be supplied with glass and paper recycling boxes and garden waste wheeled bins.

In addition, supplies of boxes and bins would be held to cover loss, theft and new residents.

You can discuss this issue in this site's forum.

3 September 2006

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