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Local homes proposal opposed

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The North Mymms Green Belt Society (NMDGBS) says local residents can ‘influence the decision’ to built 10,000 new homes in Welwyn Hatfield in the next 15 years.

Campaigners want people to lobby planners and voice their concerns at a public meeting.

The NMDGBS is concerned about the revised East of England Plan, which is due to be issued for consultation in November.

According to the society, "the worst recommendation for us is to increase the number of homes in Welwyn Hatfield from 5,800 to 10,000 in the period 2001 to 2021."

Leaflets have been posted door-to-door in the area urging residents to sign and add comments to a prepared letter addressed to Welwyn Hatfield Council’s Chief Planning Officer.

The letter reads ...

"I support Welwyn Hatfield Council in its opposition to the recommendations in the report, particularly those affecting Welwyn Hatfield, either directly or indirectly.

"If they are accepted this will mean substantial new development in the Green Belt in Welwyn Hatfield, and Green Belt policies will mean nothing."

The local Conservative MP, Grant Shapps, has joined the campaign and has set up a website to gather support.

The public meeting is at the North Mymms Youth and Community Centre, Station Road, on Monday 2 October, starting at 8pm.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

27 September 2006

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