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History society publishes new programme

Brookmans Park Transmitting Station
The history of the Brookmans Park Transmitting Station is one of the NMLHS talks
The history of the Brookmans Park Transmitting Station and the history of Queenswood School are just two of the subjects making up the new 2005-2006 programme for the North Mymms Local History Society (NMLHS).

Those interested in the history of the Transmitting Station, might also want to read another feature on this site entitled 'The London Twin-Wave Broadcasting Station Brookmans Park'

The society says all are welcome to attend its meetings and enquiries are welcome from anyone interested in local history and in particular that of North Mymms Parish and its locality.

According to the society, the role of the NMLHS is to stimulate interest by public talks, lectures, exhibitions and outings. Most of the Society's talks are illustrated with slides.

Meetings take place at the United Reformed Church in Brookmans Park on Tuesdays at 8pm. Visitors are welcome, tea and coffee is available at the meetings.

Programme 2005-2006

September 27, 2005
"A Hundred Years in Queens' Gardens"
A history of Queenswood School
Dr. Wendy Bird
Head of History of Art and School Archivist

October 25, 2005
"A 3-D Historical Detective story"
Mrs. Jillian Priddle
A Member of the Stereoscopic Society

November 22, 2005
Annual General Meeting followed by
"The repair of Historical Paper Documents"
John Lambert
Archive Conservator County Record Office

December 13, 2005
"The Story of the British Schools"
Ken Burton
Hitchin Historian

January 24, 2006
"Going to the Pictures"
A History of Cinemas and Cinema Going
Alien Eyles
Author of The Cinemas of Hertfordshire

February 28, 2006
"The Idle Women of the Canals '41-'44"
Runnalls Davis
Writer and Narrow Boat Owner

March 28, 2006
"Thatching-how, what, when and why"
Robin Webb
Herts Building and Preservation Trust

April 25, 2006
"Brookmans Park calling"
The History of the Transmitting Station
Mrs. Lilian Caras
Local author and historian

May 23, 2006
"Conservation and our Royal Heritage"
Kew Palace: Bringing Britain's smallest Royal Palace back to life
Lee Prosser
Curator of Royal Palaces

NMLHS Contacts

Peter W. Kingsford, President.
125 Moffats Lane,
Brookmans Park
01707 652664

Tom H. Farmer, Chairman (acting).
57 Mymms Drive,
Brookmans Park
01707 655461

Hugo M. Trim, Treasurer
8 Cranmer Close,
Potters Bar
01707 657023

Peter Davies, Secretary and Membership Secretary
26 Calder Avenue,
Brookmans Park
01707 6566716

Len Palmer , Librarian
53 Bluebridge Road,
Brookmans Park
01707 655333

John Baillie, Programme Secretary.
5 Bulls Lane,
Welham Green
01707 271312

Comittee Members

Geoff Mills
62 Peplins Way,
Brookmans Park
01707 657997

Laurie Tavner
34 Pooleys Lane,
Welham Green
01707 263314

John Harris
21 Bluebridge Avenue,
Brookmans Park
01707 655355

Visits Secretaries - Volunteers required

The society welcomes enquiries from anyone interested in local history and in particular that of North Mymms and its locality.

Annual Membership: Single 5, Family 7.50
Visitors per meeting: 1

Disclaimer of Responsibility: The Society regrets that it cannot accept responsibility for any accidents or loss of property during its meetings and outings.

4 September 2005

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