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Chancellorís School admissions criteria 2005

Note: Details taken from the Hertfordshire County Council site HertsDirect.

Headteacher: Mr S Phillips
Pine Grove, Brookmans Park, Hatfield, AL9 7BN
Tel: 01707 650702 Fax: 01707 663204

Type: Foundation (Mixed)
Number on Roll: 1038
Published Admission Number: 175
Specialist School: Maths & Computing

Admission Rules You must complete the schoolís own supplementary information form in addition to the Secondary Transfer Form.

  1. Children who have a Statement of Educational Needs which names Chancellor's School
  2. Children with a sibling currently attending the School (see note a).
  3. Pupils with a proven aptitude in Music (see note b).
  4. Children attending the following primary schools: (see note c)

    Brookmans Park 9%
    Cranborne 9%
    Oakmere 9%
    Sunny Bank 8%
    Cuffley 8%
    Little Heath 6%
    Ladbrooke 6%
    Wroxham 6%
    De Havilland 5%
    St. Mary's, N. Mymms 5%
    Essendon 4%
    Ponsbourne St. Mary's 4%
    Pope Paul 3%
    Countess Anne 3%
    St. Giles, S. Mimms 3%
    New Briars 3%
    Northaw 3%
    St. Philip Howard 3%
    Stream Woods 3%

  5. Any remaining places will be allocated by proximity to the School using the "shortest designated route" from each applicant's home to the main entrance of the School (see note d).
Notes for Guidance of Parents

(a) A "sibling" is defined as "a brother or sister, half brother or sister, adopted brother or sister, or child of the parent or partner, living at the same address".

(b) Ten per cent of places (i.e. 17) will be allocated annually on the basis of a written musical aptitude test based on pitch, rhythm, tempo, timbre, texture, perception of mood/atmosphere created and why. Priority will be given to applicants with the highest score in this test. In the event of a tie for the final place(s) priority will be given to those pupils living in closest proximity to the school, using the shortest designated route (see note d). Further details concerning the test will be forwarded to parents who have applied under this criterion.

(c) In the case of over-subscription under criterion 4, the number of places assigned to each listed school will be by fixed percentages to the remaining available places. The percentages have been set with regard to the size of the school and the historical acceptances from the individual school. Within each listed school's application, proximity to Chancellor's using the "shortest designated route" as determined by the Hertfordshire LEA's computerised measurement, from each applicant's registered home address to the main entrance of Chancellor's will be used to decide priority (see note d). Where the number of applicants from the named school is less than the allocation, the excess places will be distributed according to criterion 5.

(d) The "shortest designated route" is defined as:

  • a public route with a proper made up surface such as tarmac or concrete
  • a road which does not need to have a separate pavement; or
  • a cycleway adopted by Herts. CC.
Applications and Allocations
  2003 2004 2005
Number of places available 170 170 170
Total number of Applications (All rankings) 618 589 586
Total number of Allocations 171 170 170

Pupils allocated under each rule
  2003 2004 2005*
Current sibling 76 73 73
Past sibling 11 4 8
Music aptitude 17 17 17
Feeder primary 66 76 71
Proximity 0 0 0
* Plus one pupil with a statement of Special Educational Needs.

You can discuss local secondary school admissions in a thread running in this siteís forum.

25 September 2005

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