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Community police officer moves on

Vojislav Mihailovic
Vojislav Mihailovic, community police officer for 15 years
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

After 25 years in uniform, policing the local area, community officer Vojislav Mihailovic is hanging up his boots and tunic and putting on a suit, as he takes on the role of secretary of the Hertfordshire Police Federation.

PC Mihailovic, who has been the community bobby for 15 years, starts his new job in the next few weeks. His advice to whoever takes over is, “look after people and they will look after you.”

“It’s been a fascinating 15 years and during that time you get to know a lot of people and make a lot of friends,” he said.

The key, according to PC Mihailovic, is to treat people properly, but he says he leaves the post with mixed emotions. “Being the community officer for Brookmans Park and Little Heath is a plum job, which has been made easier by the people living here, but it is time to move on,” he says.

Brenda Harris of Brookmans Park and Little Heath Neighbourhood Watch says she will be sad to see PC Mihailovic go. "Vojislav will be missed. He has been a very good communicator and was central to keeping us in touch with the police. We are very sorry to hear he is moving on," she said.

PC Mihailovic is now going through his wardrobe and dusting down his civvies. “From now on it’ll be a suit, shirt, and tie,” he says.

It is not yet known when Hertfordshire Police will advertise for a new community officer for Brookmans Park and Little Heath.

You can discuss the role of the community police officer, and PC Mihailovic's leaving, in a thread in this site's forum.

27 September 2004

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