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Some peak trains to run early
Information taken from this site’s Forum

Train at Welham Green
Some southbound trains from Welham Green and Brookmans Park will leave early during the peak period.
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

A revised timetable has been produced by WAGN, which shows changes to some of the peak trains running in the mornings.

The revised timetable is available from the station, but a user of this site has listed some of the early morning changes.

The changes begin on 1 October. They come as WAGN begins to terminate trains at Old Street and divert others due to work on escalators at Moorgate.

Trains after the times set out below are unchanged, and continue to Moorgate as usual. You might want to make a note of the times set out below in bold.

If your train has been diverted to Kings Cross you can change at Finsbury Park for a connecting service to Old Street.

Current Dep Time New Dep Time Arr Finsbury Park Arr Old Street/Kings Cross
0608 0605 0629 0637*
0638 0635 0659 0707*
0703 0657 0721 0734
0728 0725 0749 0802
0738 0736 0758 0810
0758 0756 0819 0831
0808 0808 0830 0837 KX
0828 0826 0848 0858 KX
0838 0838 0900 0912

KX = This train has been diverted to terminate at Kings Cross
* = Train continues to serve Moorgate as usual.

You can discuss this in this site’s Forum.

2 September 2004