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Site invited to host parish travel plan

Brookmans Park Station
Is public transport in North Mymms good enough?
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
This site has been invited to be part of a project to help identify travel issues in the area.

The issues could include the state of public transport, road safety, or congestion on rural roads.

The aim is to help identify possible solutions and implement them.

Any solutions would be drawn up into a Parish Travel Plan (PTP) for North Mymms.

The group organising this project chose the Brookmans Park Newsletter because of the number of travel related posts on the forum and the number of visits to the site.

The PTP could be involved in concerns about congestion caused by the school run, the issue of school coaches, speeding through the village and on rural roads, or the state of the public transport services. All have been aired on this site’s forum.

Because of that, the Brookmans Park Newsletter has been asked to be part of the forum group to develop the North Mymms Parish Travel Plan.

The initial phase involves the collection of data.

This could involve the sending out of questionnaires to each household in the parish, but such a questionnaire could also be hosted on this site.

According to the consultants, Mochel, who are running the project on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council, the outcome of the process would include an increased range of local services, improved public transport links and a stronger voice for the community in identifying local needs.

A meeting to explore the next stage in this project is being scheduled for later this month or early October.

A vote has been added to this site’s forum to try to see if people have any ideas for the PTP.

12 September 2003

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