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Public nuisance legislation warning

village green
Police say public nuisance legislation could be used to control gangs of youths around the village green
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Police are asking parents to make sure their children are not among those causing trouble in Brookmans Park village.

The local community police officer says that if the rate of complaints continues at the current level, serious consideration will be given to using public nuisance legislation.

They say this will result in names and addresses being taken and warnings given, and any subsequent visits to the area by the offenders, with the same behavioural traits, may lead to arrests.

The warning is given by community police officer Vojislav Mihailovic in the latest Brookmans Park and Little Heath Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter.

"If you allow your children to go to the green in the evening, make sure they are behaving themselves and are not the ones causing problems to other visitors and residents," he warns.

The newsletter also urges drivers in the village to wear seat belts and observe the speed limits.

Drivers are reminded that the wearing of seat belts reduces injury when involved in an accident and driving within speed limits reduces the likelihood of crashes in the first place.

PC Mihailovic says the problem in Brookmans Park and Little Heath seems to involve two categories of drivers.

"Mothers, who allow young children to sit, stand or otherwise mess about in the car while it is being driven, and young men who seem to think that they are immune from being hurt and exempt from the law in relation to speed limits."

"I do not want to see a disproportionate amount of police time being diverted into dealing with issues over which individuals have personal control and a responsibility to others," he writes.

You can discuss both these issues in this site's forum.

28 September 2003

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