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North Mymms PEAP up and running

Improved footpaths could be one result of the North Mymms PEAP
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Everyone in the parish is going to be asked what they think should go into an environmental action plan for North Mymms.

A leaflet will go out in the spring explaining the aims of the PEAP, Parish Environmental Action Plan. It will invite people to suggest areas where the environment could be enhanced for the enjoyment of all, and ask for suggestions about how any schemes could be achieved.

This leaflet will likely cover such issues as ...

  • Areas of possible environmental improvement
  • What it would involve (e.g. creating a wildlife habitat or replacing footpath signs)
  • Why it should be done (e.g. protecting flora and fauna or making paths more accessible)
  • How the improvements would be resourced (grants and sponsorship)
  • When the improvements should be carried out (the timescale for the PEAP)
The Hertfordshire Countryside Management Service (CMS) is considering setting up a stall at a number of community events next summer to explain the objectives of the PEAP. A public meeting is also likely to be held next summer.

The idea of a PEAP has been endorsed by North Mymms Parish Council and this site and this site has agreed to allow the forum to be used to discuss environmental issues and ideas for what should go into the PEAP.

If you would like to help organise the North Mymms PEAP, please contact the Clerk to North Mymms Parish Council, Mrs Jo Schettino, on 01707-268418. Alternatively you can send an e-mail to this site and the information will be forwarded to the parish council.

You can also discuss this issue and add your thoughts and suggestions about what could be done locally in a special thread and vote on PEAPs in this site's forum.

25 September 2003

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