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First meeting for environmental action team

Gobions Woodland
Improved footpaths could be one result of the North Mymms PEAP
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
A project aimed at enhancing the local countryside, and finding ways to help people enjoy it, holds its first meeting later this month as North Mymms Parish Council begins to draw up a community plan for the local environment.

A steering group of local residents, who have expressed interest in being involved in the project, will consider which areas should be focused on.

The aim of the PEAP Parish Environmental Action Plan , is to identify areas that need to be improved and to explore ways of making people more aware of their surroundings.

A steering committee has been formed to seek the views of the public as to what needs to be done to enhance the local countryside and decide what should be done.

North Mymms has more than 50 footpaths, but some are impassable, one possible initiative for the PEAP would be to ensure all were open, accessible and well sign posted.

The chair of North Mymms Parish Council, Cllr Frank Maynard, said this area is fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful countryside and that it is only right that the council find ways of helping local residents enjoy it more fully.

The steering committee will meet once a quarter to discuss ideas submitted and focus on achievable objectives.

If you would like to help organise the North Mymms PEAP, please contact the Clerk to North Mymms Parish Council, Mrs Jo Schettino, on 01707-268418. Alternatively you can send an e-mail to this site and the information will be forwarded to the parish council.

You can also discuss this issue and add your thoughts and suggestions about what could be done locally in a special thread and vote on PEAPs in this site's forum.

The PEAPs initiative is being co-ordinated by the Countryside Management Service (CMS) and Hertfordshire County Council.

6 September 2003

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