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Walk to school week

Brookmans Park Primary
Brookmans Park Primary
Brookmans Park Primary school is backing the national ‘Walk to School’ campaign for the week beginning September 30. The school’s website says children don’t have to walk the whole way but says, “a little and often by the majority, can make a huge difference.”

The school lists what it calls ‘ten good reasons’ for leaving the car at home.

  1. It's less stressful than driving - pushchairs are easier to park than cars.
  2. It's a healthy way to save money - no motoring costs.
  3. It's a healthy way of doing your bit for the environment - it cuts down on pollution.
  4. It's informative - you see more of your locality when you walk.
  5. It's friendly - you can meet and make friends on the way.
  6. It's quality time to chat with your children about their day.
  7. It's educational - by walking together, you can really put road safety theory into practice.
  8. It's considerate - by keeping the roads near the school clear of traffic, you re making life easier for pedestrians.
  9. It's fun - there are lots of games you can play on the way.
  10. It keeps you and your children fit - start the day with fresh air and exercise. You'll feel great!

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September 17, 2002

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