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Victorian study of North Mymms

Water End c 1902
Water End c 1902
A detailed study of Victorian life in North Mymms has been sent to this site by a New Zealand woman researching her family history. Rosie Bevan, a regular user of the Brookmans Park Newsletter, came across the information in the course of her research.

Rosie, who lives in Wellington, has extracted all references to North Mymms from "The Victorian history of the county of Hertfordshire", written at the turn of the last century and edited by W. Page in 1908. The information offers yet another perspective on life in the parish in Victorian times to add to those already online in this site’s history section.

Reproducing the information on this site will be a lengthy undertaking because the text is so small, the pages well worn and the font difficult to scan in. This means that the information will need to be reproduced by hand rather than with a scanner, but when the work is finished it will be added to the history section and available to all to use.

The document describes North Mymms (spelt Mimms at the time) as "well wooded" and says that it comprises "many hamlets rather than one compact village". It described Bell Bar as "a small hamlet having its own post office and mission room, two farms and some old red-tiled houses but none of importance".

Welham Green is described as "a hamlet of considerable size, with a few old cottages, a good many new slated ones, a new boys’ school and a large house on the Potterells estate, the residence of Mr. George Curtis".

Last year Rosie contributed a detailed feature to the site following her research into two branches of her family, the Frowick and Knolles. During that time she struck up regular e-mail contact with this site requesting a number of photographs of stained-glass windows brass rubbings and tombs at the church to complete her work.

The pictures were reproduced as two photogalleries on this site, the Frowick gallery and the Knolles gallery.

September 29, 2002

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