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Bumper sale set to break records

Brookmans Park Scouts are standing by to bank their biggest ever jumble sale cheque after a bumper week-long village-wide collection. The sale, held at Chancellor’s School, is the group's main fund raising event of the year.

Jumble Sale 2001
Crowds at the scout's jumble sale 2001
Money raised goes towards helping the group continue to provide a varied and interesting programme of events for the area's youth, as well as paying for more mundane items like the electricity bill.

This year looks set to break all records in terms of money raised. All week deliveries of jumble have been arriving at the scout headquarters where a team of volunteer sorters has been going through the donations, preparing the items for Saturday’s sale.

Scout leader James Bentall says this year has seen an amazing response.

“Each night cars and vans have been turning up with more and more black bags full of all sorts of useful items from clothing to prams to kitchen utensils, books, videos, toys and PC software. It is going to be a sale with something for everyone,” he said.

He also issued a special thanks to those who have given their evenings this week sorting through the mountain of donations.

"There has been a great team spirit in the scout hut. At one point we couldn't see the floor for bags and boxes full of items. Thanks to all parents, guardians, children and friends who helped sort through the donations.

"We'd also like to say a really big thank you to the residents of Brookmans Park and Welham Green for all the jumble that they have provided for us - we wouldn't be able to have a sale without it," he said.

September 27, 2002

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