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Police warn firework ‘idiot’

Police have described the Brookmans Park resident who has been setting off fireworks in the early hours of the morning as an "idiot". Community police officer Vojislav Mihailovic says it has been happening in the area of George’s Wood Road, Shrublands and Calder Avenue but that it has been disturbing the sleep of much of the village.

In his latest Neighbourhood Watch newsletter he says it must stop. “This has managed to disturb the sleep of large swathes of the village, including mine,” he writes. He says various reports to the police have enabled them to narrow the area down and has warned whoever is responsible to “pack it in”.

The issue has already been raised in this site’s forum.

In the same newsletter, police have renewed their warning about car thefts, bogus callers, speeding, Halloween and bonfire night. The following text is taken from PC Mihailovic’s newsletter. (see below)

Car Thefts

I mentioned in the last newsletter about a particular type of offence where high value, high performance vehicles are being stolen by means of people breaking into houses to steal the keys.

Since that advice one more has been stolen from Cuffley and one from Brookmans Park. The vehicle from Cuffley had a tracking system fitted to it and, within a few hours, had been recovered.

I can only remind people yet again, if you have a high value, high performance car, you must consider having some kind of tracking system fitted to it.

Cars of this type have very sophisticated locking systems fitted to them. The thieves know this and, as a result, this is why they break in to get the keys. (See recent news item and forum discussion on this issue.)

Bogus officials

We are still getting reports about bogus officials preying on the elderly. Please be aware of any elderly neighbours and help to keep an eye on them.

Someone has explained to me how these companies, who cold call, manage to get hold of your number even when you are ex-directory. What they do is to have a computer programme linked into the phone system. They put the area code into the system, enter the first number, press the start button and the programme works on auto dial until it connects with a number. They have no idea who you are or where you live but will enter into sales talk until you tell them no!

Our advice is not to buy at the door or over the phone. What can look like a good deal can become a costly mistake.

Road Traffic

We still suffer from people exceeding the speed limit on certain roads in the area. Some of you may have noticed that the 30mph speed limit areas have been extended in Hawkshead Lane and in Hawkshead Road.

Speed limits are put in urban areas so that everyone remains safe. It is still the case that most people caught speeding on local roads are local people.

The incidents of inconsiderate parking in the village seem to have dropped dramatically since many people have had to pay the penalty. As in all things it is about consideration for others.

Bonfire night and Halloween

On bonfire night please have consideration for others about the time you let fireworks off and be aware of the noise they make.

Before that is Halloween. While I wouldn’t want to stop children having fun, I would ask all responsible parents to ensure that any trick or treating is done to households that you know or are expecting you.

Some people, particularly the elderly, find this intimidating and some even become scared by it. Once again it is about consideration for others.

Also, with the darker nights coming please make sure that time clocks on external lights and switches are adjusted.

Crime Figures

  • Burglary (dwelling) = 12
  • Burglary (other) = 15
  • Theft/damage to motor vehicles = 28
  • Theft = 23
  • Possession of drugs = 1
  • Criminal damage = 2
  • Assault = 1

This gives a total of 83 offences for the year up to the end of June.

General matters

As mentioned earlier, fireworks have become a problem with some idiot in the area of George’s Wood Road, Woodlands, Shrublands or Calder Avenue seeing fit to let off fireworks in the early hours of the morning on several occasions of late. This has managed to disturb the sleep of large swathes of the village, including mine.

The various reports that have come in from people have narrowed the area where this has happened. Should the person responsible be a reader of this publication there is a simple message from those you have disturbed, PACK IT IN.

Vojislav Mihailovic

September 22, 2002

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