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New cash point for village

Brookmans Park is to get a new 24-hour cash point. The Alliance & Leicester is installing an ATM machine in the village post office. It is being placed to the right of the door and will be accessed from outside the premises only.

The last 24-hour cash machine was removed from the village in April 2000, when Lloyds TSB closed its Bradmore Green branch. At first it was thought the cash point would stay even though the bank was moving but the facility was removed too. It was a decision which angered many local residents who sent a petition to the bank opposing the move.

A number of shops in the village, including Brookmans Park News and Alldays have had cash machines, but they were only available during opening hours.

The machine will accept all major cards, there will be no extra charges for withdrawing cash and it will link, again free of transaction charges, to all the major banks and building societies.

The facility, which is housed in a secure metal room and protected with a new alarm system, will open in the first week of October.

September 5, 2002 (updated September 12)

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