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Anonymous postings - yes or no?

There have been several calls recently for anonymous messages to be banned from this site's 'Have Your Say' section.

This follows a number of unsigned postings particularly during the summer when concern was being expressed about the number of garden bonfires.

Anonymous Postings

Should anonymous messages be banned from this site?

No, people have the right to anonymity.

Yes, people should sign what they write.

Current Results
The policy of this site so far has been not to remove postings if they are making a general point which adds to the debate but to delete any messages that could be considered offensive towards individuals.

Should that policy change?

Should anonymous postings be banned or is it an individual's basic right to decide whether to sign their comments or not?

Could people have valid reasons for remaining anonymous or does anonymity devalue the debates in the 'Have Your Say' section?

Could people still make valid points even if they are not prepared to be identified or are views which are not attributed worthless?

Could some of the anonymous postings have helped encourage and enrich the debates in this section or are they an annoying interruption?

If a ban on anonymous postings is introduced could this lead to a reduction in the use of the 'Have Your Say' section?

A poll has been added to try to gauge public opinion. Please vote once only so that the general feeling of regular users of this site can be assessed.

These polls are not scientific and are open to abuse so they are not an accurate tool for measuring user reaction, however if you want to discuss this issue you can use the form in the 'Have Your Say' section.

September 7, 2001

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