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Car vandalism crackdown

Residents in Brookmans Park are being urged to report any damage to their vehicles following an increase in car vandalism in the area.

According to a letter, delivered to all homes in Moffats Lane by the local neighbourhood watch co-ordinator, much of the vandalism has been happening in the lower half of Moffats.

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The letter calls on the public to help identify those responsible and asks anyone, who suffers from vandalism or witnesses any, to report it to the police immediately.

“To be able to combat further vandalism it is imperative that all incidents are reported to the police together with evidence, if possible, to help catch whoever is responsible,” the letter states.

And the letter goes on to suggest the vandals could be locals.

“We are fairly sure that these crimes are being committed by local youths. By working together we can hopefully put a stop to their activities,” the letter continues.

The recent neighbourhood watch newsletter reported a sharp increase in the number of incidents of theft or damage to motor vehicles with 33 crimes reported in the last three months.  This compares with 27 such crimes the previous quarter and nine for the last part of 1999.

September 8, 2000

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