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1,000 searches in six months

The search engine, added to this site six months ago, has just registered a thousand queries.

The facility enables users to search hundreds of pages of local information including ten complete history books and thousands of local names dating back to the beginning of the last millennium.

Many of the queries are for family names as people research their genealogy, but it appears the search engine is also being used to find current local information.

Education features high on the list with the words Owens, Chancellors and school being three of the most frequently entered.

The local environment also seems to be an area of interest with Gobions topping the list with 22 queries.

The search facility is likely to be particularly useful for projects on local history or the environment.  There are ten complete books on this site all referenced by the database.

This means that a search on any word will bring up every page in every chapter of every book or article on the site where that word is mentioned.   It will also find any reference in the hundreds of messages sent to the site by users.

To start researching your family tree simply type your surname in the box on the front page and hit 'find'.

For the technically minded, the facility is provided free by They 'spider' the Brookmans Park Newsletter once a week using a computer program to visit every page and analyse the content.

That information is then stored on their database and can be accessed by anyone using the form at the top of the front page of this site.

January 28, 2000

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