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Chancellor's 1977 reunion plan

A former pupil of Chancellor's School is searching for old friends from the class of '77 with a view to arranging a school reunion.

Mark Canham, who had the nickname 'Cannonball' wants to hear from anyone who studied with him from 1972 until he graduated in 1977.

He is so keen to bring his old school pals together that he recently travelled to the school from his home in Luton during the Whit holidays and sat outside the school gates with his pet dog hoping to see people from his past. He says the school was just as he remembered it.

In an e-mail to this site's 'Have Your Say' section, Mark lists a number of his old classmates as among those he would like to get in touch with.

The list includes Jane Sparkes, Terence Smith, Michael Green, Mandy Baldwin and Jennifer Ellis.

He also lists the teachers he remembers from the time, Mrs White, Mr Noble, Mr Cory, Mr Digines, Mr Prosser, Mr Collinge and Mr Hollingsworth

Mark is hoping that anyone who recognises any of the names will get in touch.

He can be e-mailed at either or or he can be contacted by phone on 07944 190217 .

June 8, 2000


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