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Community to update history records

The North Mymms History Society is asking the local community to contribute to the creation of a new book charting the history of the parish since the war.

The idea is to bring together memories, photographs or old documents about life in the community from 1950 to the present day to create a unique record of North Mymms in modern times.

The society has already published several books about local history dating back to the Domesday Book, but there is little written about the development of the parish during the last half-century.

And in the past, all books published by the society have been written by one or two local authors. This next publication will be written by the local community.

The plan is to encourage people to put pen to paper and write down their memories of life in the community using their own family archive for their research and submit them for inclusion.

It is hoped that if everyone rummages through old papers and photographs stowed away in their lofts and garages, a unique record will emerge.

These old memories can so easily be lost, but the North Mymms History Society wants to capture as many as possible before this valuable archive is lost.

Membership secretary, John Harris, says it is important people do this while the memories are fresh in their minds.

“Can you remember the steam and diesel trains passing through Brookmans Park or ever the name of the donkey in the field there - was it Merrylegs? Please write them down - a paragraph or two will do,” he writes in the latest society newsletter.

And the society is also planning to update its video of the history of North Mymms.  

A half hour video is currently available and costs 13 however a Real Video version is available free on this site in both 56k and 28K forms.

Old footage is now required to update this multimedia record of the last 50 years.

If you have any memories you feel should be included in the new publication you are asked to bring it along to the next meeting of the North Mymms History Society (details in the What’s On section of this site).

Alternatively you can e-mail them to or drop a line and arrange for them to be collected.

March 21, 2000

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