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Local History Book Reprint

Four books by local historian Peter Kingsford, President of the North Mymms Local History Society, have been reprinted and are now available.   The books which trace the history of North Mymms were out of print and although all four have been reproduce in full on this site there was a growning demand for hard copies.

The first of the four, A Modern History of Brookmans Park 1700-1950 traces the modern day history of the village.  The second, North Mymms People in Victorian Times, tells of the lives of the people of North Mymms Parish in the 19th century. The third book, North Mymms Schools and Their Children 1700-1964 looks at the beginning of formal education in the parish and the fourth Victorian Lives in North Mymms deals with the parish in the nineteenth century and throws a fresh light on how people lived, worked, and behaved.

Last year Peter Kingsford gave permission for the books to be published on the Brookmans Park Newsletter complete with the original photographs and drawings. Other complete history books on the site are listed in the History index.

Two hundred copies of each book have been printed and can be ordered by either e-mailing or contacting society chairman, Terry Pennell on 01707 654311 or treasurer, John Harris on  01707 655355.

April 20
, 1999

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