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Local History Book Reprint

Peter Kingsford's book, 'A Modern History of Brookmans Park 1700-1950',  which has been reproduced in full on this site, is being reprinted to meet growing demand.

The book was out of print and unavailable in the shops and the local library had only two copies left. 

People wanting to know more about the modern day development of the parish of North Mymms and the growth of Brookmans Park had to try to borrow one of the few remaining copies from members of the Local History Society.

Last year Peter Kingsford, President of the North Mymms Local History Society, gave permission for four of his books to be published on the Brookmans Park Newsletter complete with the original photographs and drawings.

Other books in the series are listed in the History index of this site.

Now interest has grown to such an extent that the North Mymms Local History Society has decided to order another limited-edition print run.  The original text and photographs are now at the printers and the presses are set to role. 

300-copy are being produced and Peter Kingsford and fellow members of the NMLHS are also considering republishing the other books in the series.

The history society is confident that although the text will remain on this site in full there will still be a demand for  hard copies of the books which will sell for 3 each.

Anyone interested can secure a copy by e-mailing and  your details will be passed on to the chairman of the NMLHS who will process the order and ensure that you are reserved a copy.

March 2, 1999

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