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Station shelter - work underway 

Work has begun on the first of three new shelters at Brookmans Park Station. The area where the shelter is to be placed has been marked out and cleared.

The facility was promised by Railtrack's area manager, Phil Heath, who visited the station recently and met members of the Residents' Association to hear their concerns.

The shelter will be 20 foot by 7 and is being built on the London-bound platform. A second will be built on the same platform next year. There are also plans to demolish the old waiting room and to resurface the platform with block paving and improve the drainage. A shelter for the Welwyn Garden City platform is expected to be built in 2000.

Earlier this month, Phil Heath inspected the station prior to his meeting with members of the North Mymms Residents' Association. Mr Heath had offered to meet the NMRA after reading concerns, expressed by commuters on this website, about facilities at Brookmans Park Station and incidents of vandalism.

As well as promising the new shelters, a new platform surface and better drainage, Mr Heath also promised to install security cameras and increase the patrols of the station to two per night in an attempt to cut back on vandalism.

He has also been considering a suggestion made by the Residents' Association for a new footbridge linking the platforms to the car park. Many have expressed concern about the current approach to the station being too dark at night and they have pointed out that the ticket office and ticket machines are often vandalised. A suggestion was that this facility be moved to the car park area and the current exit closed. This would not be a cheap option but Mr Heath is consulting WAGN to see what can be done.

Phil Heath is still happy to answer any e-mails about the service Railtrack provides and can be contacted via a special e-mail address set up by the site as a channel for feedback. If you have any issues to raise you can write to and you can also raise issues in the 'Have Your Say' section of this site.

Suzanne Page of WAGN is also happy to answer any e-mails from commuters on the services her company provides and again a special e-mail address has been set up for this purpose. You can message Suzanne on and again you can raise issues in the 'Have Your Say' section as well.

November 24, 1999

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