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New waiting room to be built next week 

Work on the construction of a new shelter for Brookmans Park Station is due to get underway next week. The shelter, which will measure twenty foot by seven, will be the first of two to be built on the 'Up' or London-bound platform. The second will be built in January when the old waiting room is due for demolition.

Railtrack also hope that work on the new CCTV security cameras can be carried out at the same time. The resurfacing of the station platform with block paving, new coping and improved and secure drainage has been set for January and February.

The details have been passed on to this website by Phil Heath, Railtrack's Area Manager, who attended a meeting of the North Mymms Residents' Association earlier this month to discuss vandalism at Brookmans Park Station.

Increased Security Patrols

Mr Heath has also confirmed that security patrols are to be stepped up. Railtrack security staff are to check the station twice every evening and British Transport Police have also been asked to increase their patrols of the area.

Mr Heath has written to West Anglia Great Northern Railways - WAGN - suggesting security cameras be installed as soon as possible.  He describes the station as a, 'badly vandalised area'.

Railtrack act as the landlord for railway property with responsibility for the buildings and track. WAGN act as the tenant running the trains and ensuring the safety and maintenance of premises.

At the recent Residents' Association meeting, Mr Heath was asked whether the station could have a new access via the car park with a new footbridge to the platform. He has now raised this with WAGN.

Before the meeting he spent half-an-hour inspecting the area and agreed that the current entrance to the station is dark and could be worrying for commuters.

In his letter to WAGN Mr Heath suggests that the car park option could help in the battle against the vandals. Such a job would not be cheap and would need major engineering work because of the overhead power lines - however the idea has been raised.

E-mail Railtrack and WAGN

Phil Heath is still happy to answer any e-mails about the service Railtrack provides and can be contacted via a special e-mail address set up by the site as a channel for feedback. If you have any issues to raise you can write to and you can also raise issues in the 'Have Your Say' section of this site.

Suzanne Page of WAGN is also happy to answer any e-mails from commuters on the services her company provides and again a special e-mail address has been set up for this purpose. You can message Suzanne on and again you can raise issues in the 'Have Your Say' section as well.

November 11, 1999

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