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Station facelift brought forward

Two new shelters are to be built at Brookmans Park station with work on the first due to begin late next week. Railtrack's area manager Phil Heath made the announcement when he met local residents on November 4th to discuss vandalism at the station.

Refurbishment work had been scheduled for next year but Mr Heath told the North Mymms Residents' Association that it would now be brought forward.

Station Improvements
* Two new shelters
* New platform surface
* Improved drainage
* CCTV surveillance
* Increased security

The old waiting room is to be demolished as is the smaller shelter on the northbound platform. The two new shelters will take their place. Mr Heath said the surface of the platform will also be replaced with new block paving. That work is due to begin in January.

Platform drainage will also be improved and the drain covers will be sealed as an added security measure. In the past vandals have ripped up the drainage covers and thrown the cast iron grating onto the track.

Increased security

Closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV) are to be installed in the New Year to provide 24-hour monitoring of the station, although Mr Heath said that programme might also be brought forward to coincide with the new building work. He said security patrols are to continue with visits to the site twice each evening.

The meeting had been arranged following increasing concern, expressed on this site, about vandalism at the station. Mr Heath had responded to those concerns by contacting this site directly. He also offered to meet local residents to discuss the problem and try to find ways of combating it. As a result,  the North Mymms Residents' Association invited Mr Heath to Thursday night's meeting.

After he had set out the refurbishment plans Mr Heath was asked whether the station footbridge could be extended to the car park. Members felt that the current exit, past the old ticket office and thick undergrowth, presented another security risk.

It was suggested that if the new exit is built, the station exit on the west side of the track could be closed off when the ticket office closes mid morning so that all passengers have to exit via the car park. It was also suggested that the automatic ticket machine be relocated in the car park with movement-sensitive lights which would come on at night when people approach them.

Mr Heath said he would discuss the idea with colleagues but agreed it could be a positive measure although he could give no guarantee the idea would be accepted.

He invited the Residents' Association to continue to raise issues with

Other changes
* Welwyn viaduct widened
* Increase in rail traffic
* Hatfield - Thameslink
* More services
* Longer trains

him directly and says he will also respond to any commuters who want to e-mail him with their concerns. This site has set up a special e-mail address for people to use if they want to contact Phil Heath.

The meeting was told that Railtrack is investing a billion pounds on upgrading the east coast line and the changes to Brookmans Park station are part of that.

The Welwyn viaduct is to be widened so that it can carry four lines. The extension will be built on the east side. This will increase the flow of trains from 17 each way every hour to 31.

Mr Heath gave details of changes to the Thameslink service, which will be completed by 2006 and will mean that passengers from Hatfield should be able to connect to European services and Gatwick airport. To prepare for the longer trains Hatfield station platform is being extended to cater for 12-carriage trains.

November 4, 1999

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November 1, 1999 

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