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Vandals target station waiting room

Vandals have caused widespread damage to the roof of Brookmans Park Station's old waiting room.

The latest attack comes just days before the area manager for Railtrack is due to meet the North Mymms Residents' Association to discuss the state of the station and local rail services.

It appears stones from the track have been thrown at the building. Tiles have been smashed and the platform is littered with debris including stones and broken tiles.

The latest spate of vandalism has been reported to Railtrack who carry out regular security patrols of the area.

The North Mymms Residents' Association is to meet the area manager, Phil Heath, on Thursday night to discuss vandalism at the Station.

Mr Heath offered to take part in the meeting after reading the concerns expressed by local commuters and local residents on this website.

Since the summer, Mr. Heath has kept up a regular correspondence with the Brookmans Park Newsletter responding to every issue raised and offering to meet local resident, 'any time', to talk about rail services.

He has increased patrols at the station and taken action when safety issues have been raised.

Such work has included securing cast-iron grating, which had been ripped up and thrown on the track, and repairing fences at the station.

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November 1, 1999 

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