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School run rage

The headteacher at Brookmans Park Primary has called on parents who drive their children to school to exercise patience and tolerance in an effort to calm what he calls ‘school run rage’.

Peter Evans, in a letter to all parents reproduced in the 'Dear Parent' section of this site, he says he is ‘fed up’ with complaints from local residents and other parents.

According to Mr Evans one of the main complaints to the school concerns parents who park their cars across local residents’ driveways preventing them driving on to or leaving their property.

Other complaints concern the speed some parents drive down Bradmore Way when running late for school.

There have also been complaints about parents who park on and opposite the yellow lines outside the school.

In his letter to parents Peter Evans accepts that the school is not the easiest place to access but he say with patience and tolerance ‘school run rage’ could be greatly reduced. And he urges parents to try walking instead.

He has also asked parents not to walk their children down the road inside the school. He says there is a path which goes behind the parked cars in the main car park and parents should encourage their children to use this.

“It is bad training for the children if they get used to walking in the road. Traffic uses this driveway and it is very dangerous if children are not taught to walk on the pavement. I am sure you will agree that this is important and children need to see that parents are setting the right example,” he writes.

March 25, 2000


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