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Gobions Survery

The trustees of Gobions Woodland Trust have commissioned a survey in an effort to assess how the pubic perceives they manage the area.

The Trust has asked Paul Chapman of the University of Hertfordshire to carry out an independent survey concerning all aspects of the land managed by the Trust.

Questionnaires have been sent to all on the electoral roll in Brookmans Park and Little Heath inviting local residents to express their views. 

The questions cover issues such as how people use the Wood, how often they use it and whether they have noticed any of the management work that has been carried out by the Trust.

Local residents are also quizzed about their awareness of the Bridgeman Gardens and whether work on the site would enhance or improve Gobions Wood.

All feedback is to be analysed from September 21st, the closing date for the forms to be returned.

August 16, 1998

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