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Crime Figures Down

Crime in the Brookmans Park area has dropped over the past year with 66 reported incidents compared to 82 the year before.

According to police figures house burglaries and vehicle crime have both fallen.   But the main concerns of residents now seems to be youth crime and disruptive behaviour.

A public meeting of more than 50 people at the United Reform Church, Brookmans Park on Tuesday September 22nd, heard locals call for tougher measures in a number of areas.

Youth Crime

Fears were expressed about gangs of youths wandering the streets at night and vandalising Brookmans Park Station.  There were also claims that some primary school children are terrorising other youngsters at Welham Green recreation ground.

A panel including local police inspector Paul Hart of Hertfordshire Police and Hertfordshire County Councillor George Wenham pointed out that the new Crime and Disorder Act included measures aimed at tackle many of these problems.   The meeting was told the Act brings together all the agencies dealing with youth to try to offer an holistic approach to the problem.

Traffic Calming

There were calls for increased traffic calming measures particularly on Hawkshead Lane and Station Road but it was pointed out that this was an issue for the local authority to tackle not the police. 

One resident called for traffic calming measures in Welham Green to be removed because he said they were unsafe.

Parking on the Pavement

Many expressed concern about the number of cars parked on the pavements, but it was pointed out that it is only a crime if it causes an obstruction and the onus of proof created difficulties for the police.

Feeling Unprotected

One resident claimed to have been burgled five times in the past two years and assaulted once.  He said he had now had enough and was ready to fight back next time he was targeted.

Police officers at the meeting offered to talk to him about his particular situation and urged him not to take the law into his own hands.

Neighbourhood Watch

The latest figures from the Brookmans Park Neighbourhood Watch scheme were discussed and residents urged to get involved.

Inspector Hart said there was evidence that suggested that the more people joined such community organisations, crime dropped.

For the latest crime figures click here...

Policing Plans

Copies of the local divisional policing plan and the authority’s countywide Police Plan were available at the meeting.

The Welwyn Hatfield police division has four main aims…

  • To reduce break-ins to houses and work with other agencies to spread crime prevention advice as well as targeting known offenders. The aim is a 30% detention rate for these offences.
  • To reduce vehicle crime. October saw the launch of a countywide initiative ‘Operation Stopwatch’ to raise awareness of how motorists can protect their property.
  • To improve the way the division deals with violent crime such as robbery, street assaults and domestic violence.
  • To focus on public disorder and social nuisance, reduce youth crime, tackle drugs with other agencies, enhance visible policing and respond quickly to emergencies.

The meeting was one of a number of local events being held around the district, organised by the Welwyn Hatfield Police Community Partnership (PCP), the group set up by the Police Authority to give local residents a say in how the police service is delivered.

There are seven PCPs in the County. The local partnership is chaired by Derek Bucknall who can be contacted through the authority office.

Hatfield Police Station
St Albans Road East.
AL10 0EN
Tel: 01707-638100

Victim Support -01923-680388

Crime Stoppers - 0800-555111
(all calls are free an anonymity respected)

Crime Prevention Officer - 01707-638120

September 22, 1998

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