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Local police cover to change

Police cover for Brookmans Park and the surrounding rural area is to change following the redrawing of Hertfordshire Constabulary's boundaries.  

In the past five officers have policed the local rural area - now that is to be cut to two and their patch increased.    Local police officer Vojislav Mihailovic warns that the police may no longer be able to do all that is expected of them. 

PC Mihailovic says he is not trying to evoke sympathy but rather wants to be honest with local people about what the police service can now offer.  He promises that although he and his fellow officer for the rural area will continue to work to the highest achievable standards, they may not be able to do all that people expect. 

In the latest Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter, PC Mihailovic says that the effect of the new boundary changes is not good.  “As I have explained before within the Hatfield rural area there used to be five officers, you now have two with a proposed increase in the size of the area … all I can say is that the police service within Hertfordshire is committed to ensuring that your homes and streets are safe, but we may have to redefine how we achieve that. This means that there may be times when we are unable to meet your expectations of us”. 

“Personally, I am as committed to you as residents and members of the Neighbourhood Watch as ever. My own pride in what I do and sense of achievement in what has been done would not allow me to be any other way.  But where I had responsibility for only Brookmans Park this has extended to a shared responsibility with Martin Spencer for Welham Green, Essendon and Newgate Street with the addition of Northaw and Cuffley from next year. Add to this the Community Team responsibility for Crime and Disorder and deputising for the Domestic Violence Officer I am sure you can judge for yourselves the additional responsibilities that are being put upon each officer”, he writes. 

The latest newsletter concludes, “This is not trying to evoke sympathy but rather trying to be honest with each and every one of you about what the police service can deliver. We will continue to work to the highest achievable standards but we may not be able to do all that you expect of us”.

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