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Planning watchdog goes online

A Website, designed to keep tabs on the spread of building in the area, has been set up by the North Mymms District Green Belt Society.

The aim is to publish all planning applications received by Welwyn Hatfield Council, set out any objections, voice any local concerns and provide a forum for debate. The plan is to update the details every week.

The Website is being run on a voluntary basis and is non-profit making. It is currently under construction but already provides a valuable facility for anyone concerned about the spread of building work in the area.

Local Internet users are encouraged to access and bookmark the site which can be found at

The Society also aims to alert Welwyn Hatfield District Council (WHDC) to actions which it feels should have planning permission but do not.

The NMDGBS has its origins in the North Mymms Ratepayers Association which later became the North Mymms Residents Association. That group, formed in 1929, had a Green Belt Preservation Committee which became North Mymms District Green Belt Society in 1976.

Initially the group made special collections to pay for professional advisers to assist in opposing some large-scale planning applications from developers, but now has funds to help pay for any work needed to preserve the local Green Belt. The Society has 1,200 members and the annual subscription is 1 per member.

For more details people are invited to e-mail Bob Horrocks or telephone him on 01707- 653713.

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