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Chancellor's new admission criteria

Brookmans Park primary will cease to be the preferred feeder school for Chancellor’s under proposed new admission rules. The village school will now be one of 21 Hertfordshire schools with an equal claim on the 170 places available each year.

Last year 29 primary schools from the surrounding area were invited to apply for places at Chancellor’s but only after Brookmans Park School had taken up its places. Now Brookmans Park is just one of 21 schools, along with Cuffley and Northaw, with an equal claim on places.

This year, several parents were told that there would be no room for their children at the local comprehensive despite the fact that pupils from outside the area were to be bussed in while Brookmans Park children had to be transported to secondary schools outside the neighbourhood.

Chancellor’s rules for admission have altered significantly with aptitude being promoted as a criterion and proximity being relegated in the list. 

Click here to read the school's proposed new rules of admission.

New Admissions Policy

Of the 170 places available in September 2000, 17 will be allocated by aptitude in music, drama and sport and a further 17 pupils allocated on technological aptitude.

The first criterion is pupils with a brother or sister currently attending the school, then pupils with a brother or sister who attended the school in the past. The aptitude criteria listed above then apply followed by the 21 primary school criterion.

Parents of children of primary school age and who are living within three miles of the school may refer any objections about the selection criteria, but not the proximity criterion, to the office of...

The Schools’ Adjudicator
3rd floor,
Vincent House,
2 Woodland Road,
DL3 7PJ.

Further information may be obtained from Chancellor’s School on 01707-650702. Objections must be lodged within 6 weeks of the date of publication.

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June 16, 1999

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